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Wired Networks.

Providing the foundation for your business technology.

The data network is the heart and foundation of the building infrastructure. It supports all of the technology services such as WiFi CCTV, VoIP, digital signage, and building management systems (BMS).

Wired Networks

What is a wired network?

Networks can be classified as wired or wireless. A wired network uses copper cable such as Cat6A or Fibre Optic cable to form the connections between the networked devices.

Simpli-Fi’s team of network engineers are fully qualified in Fibre, Cat 6A/6/5e, and all systems come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Core Benefits

What are the benefits of upgrading your network infrastructure?

Improve your network speed

Upgrading your network can enable your team to access data on average around 10 times faster than older generation cabling.

Increase employee productivity

Cloud-based business applications can overwhelm an older infrastructure. Upgrading to a modernised network can make a real difference to productivity.

Improved productivity of your network resources

Moving to a more modern infrastructure will dramatically simplify network deployments, operations and management of your IT system.

Keeps your business dynamic and competitive

One of the most critical reasons for upgrading your network is to support everything your business needs to give it a competitive edge, from hybrid cloud computing to powerful sector-specific applications.

Secure your data

The older your infrastructure, the more vulnerable you become. An upgrade will provide intelligent sensors and enforcers, giving you enhanced context and visibility of your network.


Upgrading your network infrastructure means fast, reliable connectivity for your business.

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Our Approach


Consult & Survey

Our experts take the time to gather information about your business, its requirements, existing technology and environment before providing our recommendations.

Our Approach



We create a design based on our consultation and survey outcomes, outlining key features, structure, and criteria for success.



We create the project's technical design, task list, resource plan, communications plan, budget, and initial schedule.



Our team co-ordinate all project elements, from delegating tasks and managing resources to communicating with stakeholders.



Our project management team will streamline the system, maximising resource use and improving the overall output of the solution.


Maintain & Support

The project team will continue to monitor the system after the deployment of the equipment, ensuring it's fully optimised in the customer environment.

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Our Partners and Vendors

We have been working with trusted vendors for decades. These valued partnerships allow us to exchange views and support innovation, ensuring our clients always receive the right solution at the best price.