Converged Network Services.

Providing a complete network system for SMART buildings.

A converged network system (CNS) is the heart of a SMART building, offering the ability to communicate across a common network infrastructure while maintaining security & control from a central network management platform.

Wired Networks

What is a converged network system (CNS)?

A converged network refers to a network infrastructure that combines different types of communication services, such as data, voice, and video, into a single unified system. In a converged network, these services are transmitted over a common network infrastructure, typically using Internet Protocol (IP) as the underlying protocol.

Simpli-Fi’s teams of highly trained and accredited cabling specialists are certified and experienced for installing single-mode and multi-mode fibre optic backbone networks as well as Category 6, 6A and 7 horizontal cabling systems.

We also have a team of Solutions Architects who are trained and accredited to configure and install resilient, secure, multi VLAN networks to support the various connected business systems which rely on the Converged Network System. We work closely with Aruba, Cisco, Allied Telesis, Watchguard and Juniper to deliver the highest quality and most secure converged network solutions for our clients and their tenants.

Core Benefits

The core benefits of a converged network include:

Cost Savings

They elminate the need for separate infrastructure for different types of communication, By combining data, voice and video services onto a single network, organisations can reduce equipment, maintenance and operational costs.

Simplified Management

Managing a single network is generally less complex than managing multiple separate networks. It streamlines network administration, reduces the number of network devices to maintain and simplifies troubleshooting and monitoring process.

Enhanced Scalability

Converged networks offer greater scalability as they provide a flexible foundation for adding new services and accommodating increased traffic. With a unified infrastructure, organisations can easily scale their network to meet growing demands.

Improved Efficiency

By integration different communication services, a converged network enables streamlined workflows and improved productivity. It facilitates faster collaboration and information sharing and enhances efficiency and user experience.

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Our Approach


Consult & Survey

Our experts take the time to gather information about your business, its requirements, existing technology and environment before providing our recommendations.

Our Approach



We create a design based on our consultation and survey outcomes, outlining key features, structure, and criteria for success.



We create the project's technical design, task list, resource plan, communications plan, budget, and initial schedule.



Our team co-ordinate all project elements, from delegating tasks and managing resources to communicating with stakeholders.



Our project management team will streamline the system, maximising resource use and improving the overall output of the solution.


Maintain & Support

The project team will continue to monitor the system after the deployment of the equipment, ensuring it's fully optimised in the customer environment.

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