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Providing managed WiFi solutions and connectivity expertise to the education, care, commercial, and leisure sectors.

We are WiFi and networking specialists.

Simpli-Fi is a WiFi and networking specialist, delivering the very best in cutting-edge technology solutions. We install bespoke WiFi networks, wired network infrastructure and related services to keep your business securely connected. We also provide the most advanced technology solutions for improving indoor mobile coverage.

Our team of experts have decades of experience solving connectivity issues for a range of sectors, within the most challenging environments.

Our Solutions

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Enterprise WiFi

Leveraging market-leading wireless and cloud based technology, we work with you to design, install, support and maintain your wireless network to keep your business securely connected.

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Wireless Point-to-Point

Installing and supporting wireless links to organisations, providing seamless wireless connectivity between your buildings, CCTV cameras, sensors and devices.

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Low Earth Orbit Satellite Connectivity Solutions

LEO satellites are much closer to the Earth’s surface than traditional satellites, meaning that the signal is much stronger and can travel at higher speeds. This makes them ideal for applications such as streaming video and audio, as well as providing a reliable connection for voice and data services.

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In-Building Mobile Signal Boosting Solutions

Providing the most advanced technology solutions for improving indoor mobile coverage. From full-scale DAS (distributed antennae system), and small cell, to license-exempt mobile signal boosting.

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AI-Powered IP CCTV

Providing smart security for your buildings and a complete end-to-end service, with features such as facial recognition and visitor analytics that can be remotely monitored from anywhere in the world.

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Emergency Internet and Temporary WiFi Solutions

We provide IT consultancy and connectivity solutions for office moves and crisis relocations, to get your business online within 48 hours.

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Next-Gen SD-WAN

To meet the demand growth of bandwidth-hungry applications and cloud-based services, organisations must now look to supplement and expand their traditional backbone connectivity to respond to business needs faster. This disruption is forcing many organisations to review their connectivity options, and look to secure scalable and rapid deployment connectivity solutions, and this is where SD-WAN comes into play.

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5G Fixed Wireless Access

Enjoy high-speed internet connectivity without costly internet infrastructure using 5th generation (5G) wireless technology to provide internet to fixed locations.

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Connectivity Consultancy

Helping you navigate the complexities of wireless technology, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity for your business.

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Managed Services

Leverage the benefits of Managed Services and optimise your operations, reduce costs, enhance security, access specialist expertise and ensure the efficient management of critical business functions.

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Converged Network Services

Heart of a SMART building, offering the ability to communicate across a common network infrastructure while maintaining security & control from a central network management platform.

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We also support the events industry through our sibling brand, Noba. They're providers of internet, WiFi, live streaming and custom developed software for events and venues.

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Our Approach


Consult & Survey

Our experts take the time to gather information about your business, its requirements, existing technology and environment before providing our recommendations.

Our Approach



We create a design based on our consultation and survey outcomes, outlining key features, structure, and criteria for success.



We create the project's technical design, task list, resource plan, communications plan, budget, and initial schedule.



Our team co-ordinate all project elements, from delegating tasks and managing resources to communicating with stakeholders.



Our project management team will streamline the system, maximising resource use and improving the overall output of the solution.


Maintain & Support

The project team will continue to monitor the system after the deployment of the equipment, ensuring it's fully optimised in the customer environment.

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