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Cost-effective WiFi and network solutions for country estate sites.

The demand for pop-up campsites, events and festivals continue to rise as the population pursues the benefits that a holiday in the UK has to offer. Therefore country estate and land owners are leveraging the ability to build a portfolio of initiatives and events during the summer season to assist with the upkeep of their assets. From mini-festivals and events to glamping and camping, site-wide connectivity has moved from nice to have to essential.

Most estates will have some form of internet connection and cabling infrastructure in place to facilitate residential and office networks and related services, but they usually lack the IT flexibility to extend the network across the estate. Simpli-Fi can work with your estate team to deliver core infrastructure upgrades throughout your grounds. We can work with the existing IT contractor to utilise switches and fibre connectivity to keep costs down. We install the required technology to enable you to access a network throughout your site whenever or wherever you may need it.

Core Benefits

What are the key features of a managed network solution?

No upfront capital investment

Subscribing to a managed WiFi service means that you no longer have to invest upfront capital when setting up your network. Instead, you pay a monthly or annual subscribtion fee.

Reduced operational costs

Your managed service provider will take care of all hardware and software updates, as well as upgrades, troubleshooting and support to users through a 24/7 helpdesk.


Any issues are identified and resolved before you know about them, avoiding any uncessary stress and costly downtime.

Safe and secure

Our trained team take on the responsibility of safeguarding your data.

Our Services

Our country estate WiFi solutions are designed around your business requirements. Simpli-Fi’s approach means that we take the time to understand these, along with your site configuration, providing a network that delivers a WiFi connection with 24/7 remote support that’s fast, reliable, secure and scalable for both staff, visitors and events.
We can get your site connected in as little as 24 hours notice, and that’s a guarantee.

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The team did an excellent job, working against an extremely challenging timeline to ensure we were ready to activate all new digital devices at the launch of the school year. The requirement to replace much of the infrastructure meant that a temporary line needed to be installed to meet the deadline. This was accommodated quickly and efficiently at no extra cost to the school, whilst the necessary upgrades were completed.

Craig Nel

Project Lead

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Get Better Connected

Do you have an upcoming project we can support? Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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