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WiFi and connectivity for hospitals and clinics.

We guarantee building-wide, fast, reliable and secure WiFi for staff and patients.

Wireless connectivity underpins the essential functions of today’s hospitals, and when connectivity is interrupted, the entire system comes to a grinding halt. Many medical devices rely on strong, robust wireless connections. For example, to gain electronic access to patient records, which typically also includes appointment schedules and medications. Care providers can now enter a given room and simply swipe their badge at the computer terminal to view the patient’s digital chart.

Wireless networks are particularly challenging in hospitals because of their infrastructure: their modular design and thick walls make it difficult for wireless signals to travel from one area to another, particularly in operating rooms and radiology. Simpli-Fi’s mobile signal-boosting solution ensures a drop-free connection wherever required.

Core Benefits

What are the key features of a managed network solution?

No upfront capital investment

Subscribing to a managed WiFi service means that you no longer have to invest upfront capital when setting up your network. Instead, you pay a monthly or annual subscribtion fee.

Reduced operational costs

Your managed service provider will take care of all hardware and software updates, as well as upgrades, troubleshooting and support to users through a 24/7 helpdesk.


Any issues are identified and resolved before you know about them, avoiding any uncessary stress and costly downtime.

Safe and secure

Our trained team take on the responsibility of safeguarding your data.

Our Services

The Simpli-Fi product portfolio of WiFi, network switching, IP CCTV, structured cabling and mobile signal boosting solutions means we can deliver everything you need to provide an excellent tech user experience at optimum efficiency within a safe, secure environment.

And because Simpli-Fi only partners with the best in the business, we can design systems that not only ensure high performance but can be built, installed and maintained at the best price possible. Our long-term relationships and established buying power also provide excellent opportunities for our schools, colleges and universities to secure great deals for procuring edtech, such as VR headsets.

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From our initial enquiry through to getting the initial hospitals live, Simpli-Fi provided us with simple, clear guidance and quality service that enabled us to move quickly and efficiently to meet our target deadlines. The flexible pricing model made it a very easy decision for us, and the managed service they provide is outstanding. Simpli-Fi works with us like an internal support arm of the business.

Matt Abercrombie

Director, Commercial Finance at CSH Surrey

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