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WiFi and connectivity for libraries.

We guaranteed free, fast, reliable and scalable public WiFi.

As a community-facing service with a diverse user group, we understand the need for WiFi within libraries is growing. Providing user access to a public WiFi network comes with risks from viruses, malware, loss of data, hacking or snooping by others connected and potential hardware/software failure. Many libraries bury the risks of offering public WiFi in the terms and conditions users must agree to before logging in.

A Simpli-Fi managed WiFi service ensures you can provide users a risk-free, fast and reliable service.

Core Benefits

What are the key features of a managed network solution?

No upfront capital investment

Subscribing to a managed WiFi service means that you no longer have to invest upfront capital when setting up your network. Instead, you pay a monthly or annual subscribtion fee.

Reduced operational costs

Your managed service provider will take care of all hardware and software updates, upgrades, troubleshooting and support to users through a 24/7 helpdesk.


Any issues are identified and resolved before you know about them, avoiding any uncessary stress and costly downtime.

Safe and secure

Our trained team take on the responsibility of safeguarding your data.

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Highly resilient and accessible networks are a core component of the overall operational model we deploy in all our schools. By taking a commercially astute and risk-assessed approach to selecting the best solutions to support our pedagogical model, The Lion Academy Trust has built a vendor ecosystem of trusted providers who operate to meet the exacting operational demands of all our schools. Simpli-Fi has made the process of installing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and updating this core infrastructure straightforward and affordable. The combination of knowledge, helpful staff, and a keen focus on our needs as their customer is greatly welcomed. Given the priority we place on high availability connectivity, the Simpli-Fi service and team continue to provide critical support for our academies

Christopher Stark

Commercial Director at Lion Academy Trust

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Do you have an upcoming project we can support? Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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Wireless Internet is a utility. No matter what industry you’re in today, secure, fast and reliable WiFi is a mission-critical service. Thinking of WiFi as a utility requires a mental shift for many, but it’s required. This new mobile-first world is evolving quickly. The typical IT manager faces a while new set of challenges around security, design, and support.

Managed WiFi or WiFi as a Service is a business solution that enables an organisation to outsource to a third-party vendor the tasks involved in designing, procuring, installing, maintaining, monitoring and/or upgrading a WiFi network.