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Simplif Fi’s thermal camera body temperature solutions are capable of highly accurate temperature measurement, to within ±0.3 °C.

The built in AI algorithm enables multi person, contactless measurement of up to 3 meters and with over 95% accuracy for face mask detection, offering guests and staff complete confidence.

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We use industry leading technology and have over 50 years combined experience. Simpli-Fi are trusted by global brands for our temporary service in events, local authorities for our WiFi as a service (WaaS) in education and some of the UK’s largest leisure groups for our services in leisure. More recently we have provided one of the world’s largest construction companies Multiplex with our WiFi service for one of London’s tallest construction sites which covers 64 floors! We pride ourselves in giving all our customers the best personal service.

Temporary & permanent internet access

Specialist in delivering Satellite, Point 2 point, DSL, Fibre and bonded LTE solutions, we can deliver up to 1Gbps in short notice often with as little as 24 hours notice. We have provided temporary and permanent connectivity across all sectors whether it be a 1Gbps connection for production on a launch event, your ISP has let you down with your office move or a permanent leased line for your venue.

WiFi automated marketing & visitor analytics

Simpli-Fi provide the right tools through our intelligent WiFi to give your users a more personalised experience by using targeted and automated marketing campaigns through our backend software platform. Once a user has registered and logged in to the WiFi, they receive emails or SMS promoting your products and services helping you stay connected to your visitors. Simpli-Fi provide complete visitor WiFi solutions for a wide range of venues such as hotels, large public venues, temporary structures, universities, and healthcare. Visitors can log in with ease via social media, forms or one-click quick connect. Simpli-Fi can control the charges to your clients, the amount of available bandwidth and time online. All of the data collected is stored within the portal and can be used for targeted guest engagement or as part of a marketing campaign.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming your event not only provides increased audience engagement but statistically it has been proven to increase attendance. 30% of people who watch a livestream of an event will attend the same event in person the following year. Simpli-Fi have successfully delivered live video for sporting events, brand experiences and messages to hundreds of thousands of viewers. We can work with your sound and camera team or provide our own to deliver stunning HD video across a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Livestream and our own content delivery network (CDN) . All of these can be embedded into your website. As experts in connectivity, our live streams are backed up by secure, fast, reliable leading internet connectivity for full peace of mind, combined with best in class, fully redundant equipment from industry leading manufacturers.


Specialist in temporary or permanent wired or wireless full HD IP CCTV solutions which allow you to remotely monitor your system from anywhere in the world. Our intelligent IP systems and backend software can provide you with a precise measure of footfall, queue manager feature that automatically calculates the occupancy level at customer tills, or a bar, to ensure optimum customer flow efficiency and provide full resource management control throughout the day. Our HeatMap feature identifies hot spots of activity, providing insight into the places where people are most likely to dwell or buy, helping you to create a better end-user experience and influence sales.

Telephony - VOIP

As a network specialist VOIP goes hand in hand with our networks. Voice over IP phones deliver the same quality of service as a standard BT phone line but have a number of improved features, such as full monitoring, internal call transferring, voice mail systems and increased flexibility. VOIP can be deployed at any point across a site without the need for additional cabling. Each VoIP deployment is controlled through either an on-site phone exchange system or cloud based software, allowing free internal calling and other functions such as automated voice menus, ring groups and forwarding to mobiles if required.

Trusted by global brands

  • Gary & The Team at Simpli-Fi. Thank you SO much for your fantastic support and sponsoring The London Summer Event Show 2019. Your team have been an absolute pleasure to work with and we very much hope to work with Simpli-Fi again in the future.

    Grace, Clare & Ellie

  • Decorex changed venue this year to Syon Park and with this came new challenges, Simpli-Fi worked closely with UBM Live to deliver all temporary IT services from internet and attendee Wi-Fi supporting over 4000 visitors per day throughout the 4 day event. After 3 years of trying with other suppliers we finally have a reliable service that worked! We will be using Simpli-Fi for 2015!

    Kali Nicholson

  • Just a note to say thank you so much for the weekend. Tobias was great and the internet worked perfectly!

    Jennifer Marshall

  • One of the best decisions that we made in improving the quality of our events was partnering up with Simpli-Fi. If you want to assure secure and reliable managed Wi-Fi for your event – Simpli-Fi is your choice! The work ethics of the team is exemplary. The guys I worked with (Gary and Craig) were always on the ball – knowledgeable, approachable and quick to respond to my queries.

    Vilda Tamosaityte

  • We used Simpli-Fi to roll out a managed Wi-Fi solution for our main Mytime Active sites for poolside learning. They were extremely efficient and worked very hard to complete the project in a very small time frame. Simpli-Fi’s service and support has been crucial in getting this project to work and we are very pleased to have them onboard with us.

    Keiron Butcher

  • We have used Simpli-Fi for both large and small events and the process through pre-production, on site and post event has been great. Seamless Wifi is incredibly important to our clients and our delegates and it is great to know we have a supplier who can deliver, especially at short notice

    Jon Roberts

  • I can’t thank you guys enough, you over delivered from pre event, during and post event. The service and support was outstanding and the Internet and WiFi was bulletproof. This was the first time we have held the Climate Action conference in a temporary structure so we hit a lot of challenges but thankfully we had great partners like Simpli-Fi to rely on. The event was a great success!

    Maria Stavrou

  • We came to Simpli-Fi because time and time again hotels would tell our clients that the WiFi would be able to support their conference app, but time after time we would be dealing with constant issues! We needed to find a reliable WiFi partner that could follow our events globally and setup their own enhanced WiFi solution so that we could confidently deliver our event app.

    Jon Sivak

  • The Simpli-Fi team was incredibly efficient, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Their response time to queries and changes was very quick and the support we received from them throughout the event was excellent. Simpli-Fi went above and beyond to help us produce yet again another successful annual event, we will be using them again next year!

    Vicky De Witt

  • We deploy an extensive IT solution across all our schools – with a heavy focus on mobile devices and highly resilient, high bandwidth wi-fi as core to our pedagogical delivery and our successful outcomes. Simpli-Fi has made the process of installing, monitoring, troubleshooting and updating this core infrastructure straightforward and affordable and the combination of knowledgeable, helpful staff and a keen focus on our needs as their customer is greatly welcomed. Given the priority we place on high availability connectivity, the Simpli-Fi service and team continue to provide a critical support for our schools.

    Christopher Stark

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