Mark Wilkinson

It was an absolute pleasure working with the Simpli-Fi team for the Brentford FC WiFi fit out. From initial site planning and RF surveys through to installation and commissioning, they went over and above at each stage of the project. The WiFi network gives us a truly robust solution across the ground, allowing our MatchPlus technology to be used anywhere.

Harry Cowling

We have worked with the Simpli-Fi team for over 7 years and it has been a complete game changer for us. Their solution includes a Managed WiFi Service which means that we don’t have to worry about anything. The system works brilliantly and they are always on hand to support us if we need anything. The Simpli-Fi WiFi Managed Service is unbeatable and I would highly recommend it.

Gary Exall

This villa complex in the south of France was a fantastic construction project to work on. The job lasted 2 years from the initial planning phase through to completion. Logistically it was challenging as everything had to be prepped, hardware configured and tested in the UK and then transported to the south of France. The team did an excellent job working across the multiple phases of this project, often against incredibly tight timelines. We were also battling with the multiple restrictions that the Covid pandemic created, but this did not prevent the team doing an amazing job and leaving our client extremely happy with the results.

Keiron Butcher

We used Simpli-Fi to roll out a managed WiFi solution for our main MyTime Active sites for poolside learning. They were extremely efficient and worked very hard to complete the project in a very small timeframe. Simpli-Fi’s service and support has been crucial in getting this project to work and we are very pleased to have them onboard with us.

David Atkinson

Having battled for years with insufficient and patchy wireless networks that were unable to cope with even a small system load, we have been given a new lease of life for a wireless network within the school. Simpli-Fi’s service is of the highest class, and we benefit from blanket coverage all over the site, with seamless transition between Aruba access points and high data speeds. The wireless service is so good that we are able to use our wireless phones on it without compromising on quality. The staff here rely on the Aruba wireless network for their teaching and as a school there was no question that Simpli-Fi offered the best solution for us. I would recommend them to anybody due to their unsurpassable customer service, top-quality product, and their friendly and helpful nature.

Sharon Crosland

Simpli-Fi have been fantastic at giving us all-round coverage with minimum problems. The children are able to work outside using the wireless system, as we requested, plus every area of the building is covered. I can only recall once having to telephone Simpli-Fi with a problem and because it was an odd one that they could not detect offsite, a techie arrived on a bike within half an hour of placing the call (only to find that it was an IT issue and not a wireless one!). We definitely could not fault the service and are very happy.

Kate Weston

The Simpli-Fi solution provides our school with fast and reliable wireless cover, an efficient help desk and full time monitoring of our wireless system. The wireless access has enabled us to use ICT as part of every lesson and liberates us from the ICT suite. Our children are very excited to access online learning in their classrooms as an integral part of their day to day lessons.

Meena Walia

Simpli-Fi gave a detailed presentation to my Governing Body, offering a 30 day free trial period.  The installation was professionally carried out with little disruption to the running of the school.  As we were highly impressed by the trial service, we agreed to commit to the 3 year service level agreement.  To date, we have had superb delivery of service with prompt back up, and would readily recommend it to any school planning to extend ICT learning within their organisation.

Juliet Fegan

We have been very happy with the Managed Wireless Solution from Simpli-Fi. It has enabled us to extend learning across the curriculum by using groups of laptops within the classroom setting. Simpli-Fi staff worked very closely with us during the initial setup of the laptops and were extremely helpful. Since then, the system has been so reliable that we have rarely needed to contact the Simpli-Fi help desk but when we do, we are always happy with the polite and speedy response.

Dominic Panzeca

We have been using Simpli-Fi 6+ years now for our managed WiFi service and their support and service is just outstanding. Because of their proactive service and support, very rarely do we need to contact them. The wireless solution is perfect for our needs and keeps our school mobile!