The Project:

CSH Surrey works in partnership with the NHS to transform local community health services and provide care for adults, children and their families in homes, schools, clinics and community hospitals across Surrey.

Having a reliable, consistent and secure connection to the internet through free WiFi in hospitals and clinics across the country has been one of the NHS’ objectives in recent years. Offering free patient WiFi has a multitude of benefits, including helping them stay connected to friends and family using messaging services, empowering them to monitor and look after their own health using digital health services, and keeping injured children entertained in A&E.

For clinicians and staff, it provides an efficient, reliable and secure platform, enabling them to offer and utilise the latest digital health and care services. CSH Surrey is the latest health service to pilot a free WiFi scheme for patients and staff across its hospitals in Surrey.

Our Solution

Simpli-Fi was awarded a 3 year contract for the first flagship hospitals, as part of CSH Surrey’s patient and staff WiFi rollout across all major sites. Simpli-Fi worked closely with the SLT and the internal IT department to consult, design, install and maintain a state of the art WiFi network across the hospital sites.

Simpli-Fi provides a fully managed WiFi service which includes next day hardware swap out in the event that any failures occur, remote monitoring and 7-days a week help desk and support. Simpli-Fi also designed a branded user experience for visitors when they connect to the hospital WiFi.

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