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Simpli-Fi partners with RUCKUS to deliver RUCKUS One, a state-of-the-art AI and patented machine learning WiFi 7 to optimise cloud-based learning.


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What is RUCKUS One?


CommScope launched Ruckus One suite of AI-driven converged network solutions last year, designed to simplify the implementation of multi-access public and private networks for organisations.

RUCKUS One is three new RUCKUS Networks solutions that together offer enterprises and service providers new ways to deploy, manage and operate the next generation of purpose-driven networks. Each provides distinct and valuable advantages when used individually. Together, they offer a robust solution for delivering highly reliable user experiences, solving coverage and mobility issues, and relieving IT organisations from complex operational demands.


Organisations are always looking for solutions that solve their business problems. For example, a warehousing and distribution business might need help with network scalability to cope with seasonal peaks. For educational establishments, there might be a need for more bandwidth to support cloud-based learning and manage many devices.

As networks become increasingly complex, organisations are deploying multi-layered networks consisting of hardware and software architecture supporting WiFi, IoT & Cellular solutions. 

The AI-driven RUCKUS One cloud-native platform offers a simplified buying process by unifying the RUCKUS software portfolio. RUCKUS One delivers network assurance, service delivery and business intelligence in a unified dashboard to simplify converged network management across multi-access public and private networks. It ensures network reliability, facilitates service provision, and provides valuable insights to enhance business operations. It empowers customers to effortlessly oversee a unified enterprise network, make informed decisions, and deliver outstanding user experience.

The RUCKUS One Network as a Service (NaaS) program enables a new operational and financial model for organisations and businesses to consume networking solutions and services delivered on a subscription basis. This provides the option to forego the traditional model requiring upfront capital expenditure for network equipment. The NaaS program enables businesses to outsource elements or all their lifecycle operations to experts like SImpli-Fi and to also take advantage of traditional leasing or complete hardware-as-a-service finance models.

As a managed service provider, Simpli-Fi are often looking to deploy both WiFi and 4G/5G networks to deliver the best-fit connectivity for our customers. As a result, AI-driven converged solutions, such as RUCKUS One, ticks all the boxes. This RUCKUS product offers this unique solution as a one-stop shop for multi-access public and private network management with the ability to outsource technological and operational resources to service providers like us.

Gary Exall, MD of Simpli-Fi, stated: Our clients range from large corporations looking to streamline and secure their business networks to universities and schools who want to optimise connectivity to facilitate cloud-based learning and support enterprise research facilities. We need to offer excellent private and public wireless solutions as a service. Leveraging partnerships with CommScope to deploy RUCKUS products, we can focus on delivering best-in-class solutions, confident that we can deliver the rock-solid connectivity our customers expect.”

What are the top benefits of RUCKUS One Cloud WiFi?

Ruckus Cloud WiFi enables IT teams to monitor and troubleshoot an enterprise-grade WiFi network with intuitive simplicity via a single web dashboard.

The advantages of RUCKUS One Cloud WiFi:

  1. Cost savings: Ruckus Cloud WiFi is based on a ‘pay as you grow’ model. In real-world terms, this means capacity can be added as required – and customers are not forced to purchase and maintain a physical or virtual appliance.
  2. Security: Contrary to popular belief, the cloud is a secure choice. Data in transit and at-rest is encrypted with state-of-the-art security. All security patches are applied to the hardware used in cloud and systems – and are carefully monitored around the clock.    
  3. Speed: Projects can be completed at an accelerated rate in the cloud. WiFi can be activated and quickly deployed as there are no hardware appliances to configure.
  4. Up-to-date software and no manual upgrades: New features are automatically delivered to the customer account. This means customer IT teams do not have to plan or expend time and resources performing complex upgrade procedures.
  5. High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR) and 24/7 support: Customers don’t have to plan or purchase additional equipment and licensing for HA and DR.

Key features of RUCKUS One include:

Revamped User Interface: The UI has been redesigned to integrate features from various functional areas into a unified view of the customer network. This new framework provides flexibility for expanding our platform offerings with exciting new services and solutions. It also enables language localisation, user customisation, tiered feature options and more.

Enhanced Analytics and Assurance: Previously exclusive to RUCKUS Analytics customers, the powerful AI Assurance and Network Health capabilities are now available to RUCKUS One users. These features relieve network administrators from mundane tasks related to ensuring network uptime and performance. Additionally, Professional users can utilise Service Validation to assess network availability through speed tests performed by virtual clients, eliminating the need for additional hardware sensors.

Insights for Business: Data Studio equips administrators and business analysts with the necessary tools to create customised dashboards and gain insights from multiple datasets. These dashboards can be saved, shared, or downloaded from the Gallery for specific verticals and industry applications. Reports can be generated on-demand or automated for easy delivery, enabling leadership to stay informed about key performance indicators (KPIs).

Efficient Firmware Management: Administrators can easily handle access points and switch firmware management. Firmware updates can be scheduled manually or automatically on a per-venue basis, allowing them to skip or disable new versions entirely. Moreover, multiple firmware version support within a single venue permits the mixing of supported device models; for example, a venue can deploy an 802.11ac wave1 R500 alongside an R560 or R760, extending support for a longer device refresh cycle.

Flexible Subscription Tiers: The tiered subscription model offers customers a choice between Essentials and Professional levels, allowing them to select features that align with their specific business needs. RUCKUS One Essentials provides all the necessary components for operating an optimised and scalable network efficiently. On the other hand, RUCKUS One Professional includes all Essentials features and enhances the platform with AI Assurance, long-term trend analysis, data retention, and easy-to-understand AI recommendations, simplifying the deployment and operation of a top-tier network.

Enhanced API with JWT: The new RUCKUS One API has been completely rewritten, now supporting JWT for more scalable and secure deployment while maintaining support for existing APIs through API forwarding. Many new APIs have been implemented using the JWT architecture, although most are backwards compatible with the previous RUCKUS Cloud implementation.

Support for 6-GHz APs: RUCKUS One is compatible with the latest RUCKUS Wi-Fi 6E access points, specifically the R560 and R760.

ICX 8200 Switch Support: RUCKUS One is designed to work seamlessly with the latest RUCKUS ICX switch family, including the ICX 8200.

The RUCKUS One Mobile App: The brand-new Mobile App, is now available on the Apple and Android marketplaces for RUCKUS One. Enjoy the convenience of managing and monitoring your devices right from your mobile device! With the all-new RUCKUS One Mobile App, you can easily onboard devices, check their status, grant access to new users, and much more.

For more information on how RUCKUS one, deployed by Simpli-Fi can revolutionise your organisation, get in touch with the Simpli-Fi team for an initial consultation.

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