Visitor WiFi solutions for leisure and hospitality facilities

Keep your guests better connected

Improve customer engagement

Affordable service with flexible payment plans

Data analytics for improving customer experience

Visitor WiFi Solutions

We install complete visitor WiFi solutions for a wide range of leisure facilities, including hotels, retail complexes, large public venues, health and fitness centres, libraries, restaurants and bars, as well as temporary structures such as pop-up venues. Simpli-Fi supplies complete visitor WiFi solutions to you as an affordable service with flexible payment plans. Offering exceptional visitor WiFi will help keep your customers engaged and provide you with valuable insights to help you understand more about your audience. Our WiFi marketing platform also enables you to send personalised marketing and brand messaging, along with providing you with valuable data that helps you improve your customer experience.

Services We Provide



Branded visitor WiFi

With bespoke portals and landing pages, visitors can login with ease via forms, one-click quick connect, or social media.


Visitor engagement and marketing tools

A personalised experience for customers and a means of keeping you connected to your visitors.


Reporting and analytics

Bespoke dashboards displaying visitor analytics and detailed reports on visitor activity, demographic data, and network performance reports.

Our Guarantees

Money back guarantee

We offer a 12 month money back guarantee.

Performance and coverage

Login unlimited devices, and no wireless black-spots.

No additional charges

All WiFi maintenance covered for the duration of your contract.

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