Experts in helping Schools get the most out of wireless technology.

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We are experts in helping schools and academies get the most out of wireless technology by implementing bespoke, reliable, scalable,  flexible, and secure enterprise-grade wireless networks.

Our solutions enable unlimited wireless devices to connect anywhere on the school site without worrying about signal strength or wireless network performance.

In addition, our support services ensure you remain up-to-date, connected and secure.


The benefits of working with Simpli-Fi.

Our 20 years of experience providing managed WiFi services in the education sector distinguish us from other providers by offering a deep understanding of education needs, a proven track record, knowledge of best practices, tailored solutions, innovative offerings, and reliability and stability as a long-term partner.

Education-focused solutions.

We specialise in providing WiFi solutions tailored specifically for educational institutions. Our deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of schools allows us to offer customised services and support that directly address the requirements of educators and students.

Reliability and performance.

We understand the importance of reliable connectivity for uninterrupted learning experiences. Our solutions leverage advanced technologies and best practices to ensure high-speed, dependable WiFi coverage throughout school premises, minimising downtime and disruptions.

Integration with educational tools.

We prioritise seamless integration with existing educational tools and platforms, enabling schools to maximise the benefits of technology, such as Google Classroom, cloud based learning and VR, in the classroom. Our solutions facilitate collaboration, content sharing, and interactive learning experiences to enhance teaching and student engagement.

Robust security measures.

We prioritise the security of school networks and sensitive student data. Our solutions include robust security measures such as content filtering, intrusion detection, and encryption protocols to safeguard against cyber threats and ensure a safe online environment for learning.

Scalability and flexibility.

Our WiFi solutions are designed to scale seamlessly with the evolving needs of schools, whether they're small elementary schools or large universities. We offer flexible deployment options and customisable configurations to accommodate diverse network requirements and growth plans.

Cost-effective solutions.

We offer cost-effective WiFi solutions designed to provide maximum value for schools within their budget constraints. By optimising network performance, minimising operational costs, and streamlining management processes, we help schools achieve their connectivity goals without breaking the bank.

Dedicated support.

We provide dedicated support services tailored to the needs of schools, including 24/7 technical assistance, proactive monitoring, and ongoing maintenance. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance of school networks at all times.

Our Services

The Simpli-Fi product portfolio of WiFi, network switching, IP CCTV, and structured cabling solutions means we can deliver everything you need to provide an excellent tech user experience at optimum efficiency within a safe, secure environment.

And because Simpli-Fi only partners with the best in the business, we can design systems that not only ensure high performance but can be built, installed and maintained at the best price possible. Our long-term relationships and established buying power also provide excellent opportunities for our colleges and universities to secure great deals for procuring tech, such as VR headsets.

Richard Challoner School
Simpli-Fi were fantastic in their pre-sales, coming to the site and talking through our major challenges. They filled us with confidence in the Ruckus solution and listened to our past experiences, assuring us these would all be problems of the past. The deployment team were an absolute pleasure to work with, and they have done a fantastic job. Everything has been professionally installed and labelled. They went above and beyond. Post-deployment configuration and support have been amazing too. Our users can now connect to the WiFi easier than ever before. If we ever have a problem, then Simpli-Fi can’t do enough to help us get it resolved, and their response time is very fast.

Nick Carpenter

Network Manager, Richard Challoner School

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Simpli-Fi helps you transition to digital learning. We improve your connectivity, revolutionising your teaching and learning by providing fast, secure WiFi to enable wide-scale use of Chromebooks, tablets, VR and other devices for teaching. Simpli-Fi takes care of everything from the initial consultation and survey to the network design, hardware supply, installation and ongoing firmware updates. We then manage your network 24/7 to keep your wireless system secure and optimised.