September 28, 2018

Even when event planners do their best to ensure all aspects of their event is carefully planned to the finest detail, event planners can still overlook the reliability of their Wi-Fi.

With more professionals sharing more and more online, there is huge potential for great ROI for events by investing in high-quality Wi-Fi.  For attendees to engage and share at your event, particularly if you’re using an event app, they will need their tech, and those tools require a good, fast and reliable Internet connection, getting Wi-Fi for an outdoor event is much different to an indoor event.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Wi-Fi for your outdoor event which will help you become a few steps closer to bigger success at your next event:

  • There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to Wi-Fi. How your Wi-Fi is being used throughout the event dictates which technology solution is best for you. It’s important to discuss these things with your Wi-Fi provider of where and when you would required coverage to ensure all areas are covered.
  • Focus on your attendees. Most event production companies focus only on Wi-Fi for production purposes leaving attendees reliant on their mobile data plans for communication. In an outdoor event, the likelihood of poor reception is high which could leave your guests a little frustrated. Ensure to provide reliable, safe and secure guest Wi-Fi for your visitors.

Don’t forget the important tech items! Everything from RFID ticketing to vendor transactions to payroll and medical services (VoIP communications) require stable and secure Wi-Fi at an outdoor event.

Sponsorships- It is possible to offset the cost of your Wi-Fi by creating sponsorship opportunities through marketing on your captive portal page at events with a high number of attendees.

Understand and map out your WiFi footprint – Do you need WiFi to cover the entire span of your event? This could be costly especially if you are a greenfield site with a large amount of square footage. Only deploy WiFi where you definitely need it, organisers and production areas, food & beverage will no doubt require WiFi. If you want to try and reduce costs you could provide WiFi hotspots for attendees with high bandwidth areas.

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