September 28, 2018

What you should know about Visitor and Exhibitor Behaviour

One of the most important goals that an organiser of an event has is to create an event that is valuable to their visitors. Not only will this allow them to have a successful event now, but it can help improve the attendance for any future events. In order to accomplish this task, it is best to take time to evaluate visitor and exhibitor behaviour. Technology is a fantastic tool that can help event organisers complete this task.

How to Collect and Analyse Data

Before an event begins, it is first important for organisers to decide what type of data that they want to analyse. This determination will help to make it easier for them to choose the technology that will work out the best. After this has been decided, different methods of collecting data can be put in place.

For example, one easy way to gather data about what visitors enjoyed the most is through sales purchased. This allows organisers to determine what products were the most popular at an event. Organisers may also want to consider allowing visitors to vote for their favourite exhibitors in order to learn which exhibitors were the most valuable.

After the event has concluded, there are also ways to gather information from visitors. This could be conducted in the form of online surveys that a visitor can use to provide what they enjoyed most about the event. To make this even more beneficial, be sure to include a benefit for the visitor if they take the survey and attend events in the future.

Staying under Budget

One of the best things about using technology to collect event data is that it has the power to help keep the event under budget. By gathering information regarding what visitors are looking for, organisers will have the opportunity to eliminate what is not valuable to those attending the event.

In addition to this, organisers will also be able to provide more of the items that are most profitable for the event. In turn, they will be able to maximise their profits and avoid major losses on items and services that aren’t very popular.

Connecting with Attendees

With any event, it is important to connect with the people who are attending. Keeping them engaged is a great way to maximise the amount of data that you receive from them, increase the success of the current event and entice them to attend future events.

Naturally, there are several ways that this can happen. One great way to engage attendees is to rely on social media. Live tweeting or blogging and event is a great way to interact with current attendees. Encourage them to respond and share this information with their friends. This will encourage others who are not at the event to attend future events.

Many event planners are also finding it valuable to have a live stream video feed of their event. This allows them to interact with those who are unable to physically attend the event. This is another way that will increase attendance and improve the numbers for future events.

Final Thoughts

When planning an event, it is important that organisers are able to connect with attendees and gather information. To do this, considerations should be made in order to ensure that the technology will work properly and efficiently during the event. Having technical difficulties during an event can present catastrophic results.

To avoid this, organisers should always ensure that they are able to provide power to devices and that Wi-Fi signals are strong. Also, keep in mind that many people will be attached to this network, which means that a strong connection and bandwidth are required. It may even be a smart decision to provide charging stations where attendees can charge their mobile devices. Keeping these items in mind will help event organisers have the best opportunity of creating a successful event.