September 28, 2018

The Importance of Wi-Fi in Education and working with mobile collaborative teaching tools.

Technology is evolving more rapidly than ever; there is no question about that. And the most significant area of evolution is communication. From screen sharing and mirroring software to collaboration apps, technology companies are finding more and more ways for people to communicate with each other and work together. Workplaces are already adopting these new technologies, but there is another field they are starting to gain traction in: education.

Education as a field tends to be somewhat slow to adapt to new technology, and rightfully so. If the technology is employed incorrectly or is not as effective as hoped, there could be significant consequences to the students’ learning. However, there are a few relatively new technologies that teachers are realising are perfect fits for a classroom setting and that improve the students learning experience significantly. These technologies give students better and more customisable access to the material that is being taught and allow them to interact with said material in unique and important ways.


CleverTouch is a technology company that manufactures the highest quality touch screen tablets and monitors. CleverTouch products are perfect for a classroom setting because they are extremely durable, are easily compatible with most major computers, and have multi-touch technology for ease of use. Providing students and teachers with access to CleverTouch screens gives them a versatile, functional way to learn and teach.


DisplayNote is a cloud-based software that allows screen-mirroring for presentations. Students on laptops or tablets can follow along with a teacher’s slideshow presentation and watch a video at the same time as it plays on the projector. In addition, DisplayNote allows students to make individual notes about the presentation or video, and also provides voting or polling software so teachers can ask the class a multiple-choice question and get answers immediately.


Promethean combines the best of all worlds by providing both interactive touch screen tablets and monitors and screen-sharing software. Promethean also has a vast library of user-created resources, so teachers can share content and lesson plans that they have used. The company doesn’t just provide in-classroom services but rather supplies teachers with a myriad of ways to augment their approach to education.

All of this technology has the potential to make quite an impact on the way teachers teach and students learn, and it has already started to do so in many cases, but to utilise it optimally takes more than just installing it and getting devices synchronised. In fact, many schools don’t realise how important a properly managed Wi-Fi network is to support the rise in mobile education and learning. It is an observable fact that schools are beginning to increase their reliance on school-provided mobile devices (such as tablets like those by CleverTouch) and cloud-based sharing services (such as those provided by DisplayNote and Promethean). And while this trend will benefit education quite a bit if the new technology is used properly, the potential pitfalls it creates are not to be ignored.

Fortunately, many of those potential pitfalls are easily avoidable with a properly managed wireless network. If the school’s network doesn’t have enough speed and reliability to support multiple classrooms all using mobile devices and screen-sharing software, things will slow down or glitch, and students’ learning will suffer for it. That’s where Simpli-Fi comes in. We can help your school seamlessly integrate these fantastic new technologies into the classroom by providing powerful and consistent wireless coverage to the entire school. Every teacher will be able to utilise whatever technologies they would like without disrupting any other class’ learning. Embracing the newest technological advancements will help your students succeed; Simpli-Fi will help the technology succeed.