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The complete guide to commercial building WiredScore certification

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What is a WiredScore Rating?

In 2015 the Greater London Authority launched the Mayor’s Digital Connectivity Rating Scheme, to be run by WiredScore. As we’re seeing increases in workers coming back to the office, reliable and seamless connectivity in the office is critical. According to a Gartner survey, 83% of tenants say connectivity in the form of mobile signal and WiFi is the most important factor for a workplace.

With technology playing a critical role in growth across the capital, London’s entrepreneurs and businesses are increasingly seeking intelligence on the connectivity capabilities of buildings before signing up to lease office space. Equally, developers and commercial landlords recognise connectivity capacity as a great asset for the marketing of their properties, yet many are struggling to communicate this value to potential customers. WiredScore understands this challenge and has created a connectivity accreditation scheme to solve it.

The WiredScore rating scheme rates the quality of digital connectivity in offices, giving transparency to tenants and allowing landlords to improve their buildings. It also helps landlords and developers lease their buildings faster and provides guidance on designing a future-ready building.

What does a WiredScore rating include?

WiredScore certification focuses on the quality and resilience of the digital connectivity in the building and includes assessing criteria such as:

  • Mobile connectivity
  • WiFi connectivity 
  • Telecom Room Infrastructure 
  • Risers and overall technological infrastructure 

How is it measured?

The WiredScore certification scorecards for commercial buildings measure 5 key aspects of a building’s digital capabilities. It ranges from the building’s ability to adapt to future technology through to the overall quality of the user experience.


How robust and secure is your digital infrastructure? Is there a backup fibre entry point and protection against damage or flood? In short, how assured are your occupiers of uninterrupted broadband?

Future readiness

Does your digital infrastructure have the flexibility and capacity to adapt to new technology? Can your occupiers be confident that their building is as future-ready as possible?


Does the mobile coverage stretch into every corner of the property? How about any basement floors and the car park? Is the building 5G ready, and if not, what plans are in place?

Choice of providers

Are there multiple high-speed fibre providers to choose from? More choice means more competitive pricing and gives your occupiers a potential backup if one service goes down.

User experience

Does the building offer people seamless digital connectivity? How strong is the WiFi in common areas? Will the video you’re watching keep streaming in the lift to the 38th floor?

What are the WiredScore certification rankings, and what do they mean?

The WiredScore Process

Platinum – The Platinum WiredScore rating is awarded to buildings that exhibit best-in-class technology across multiple categories. Buildings that receive a Platinum certification have building access to multiple service providers, can easily support new telecom technologies, have high infrastructure redundancy and security, and can easily support the future needs of their tenants.

Gold – Awarded to buildings with reliable and diverse internet connectivity and cabling types, including fiber, while also providing adequate infrastructure for future upgrades.  A WiredScore Gold Certification is the standard that all metropolitan commercial buildings should strive for if they want to attract high-profile tenants who take their technology seriously.

Silver – Awarded to buildings that have fiber connectivity in the building, have multiple internet service providers, have adequate connectivity security and modern communications infrastructure that can support today’s tenants.

Certified – Awarded to buildings that can support the current needs of their tenants and have some safeguards in place to minimise the risk of connectivity loss.

What is the WiredScore Process?

  1. Depending on whether you are submitting an occupied building or a new development, an audit will be carried out.
  2. You will be given feedback on improvements you can make to achieve certification.
  3. Once you have carried out the recommendations, they will be checked, and you will then be certified.

How can Simpli-Fi help you with WiredScore certification?

Simpli-Fi can help prepare for WiredScore Certification in both occupied buildings or in the development stage.

1. Mobile connectivity

Simpli-Fi’s Mobile Signal Boosting Solutions includes a mobile signal survey to assess the existing mobile coverage in the building, identifying any areas with weak or no signal. This information can be used to develop a targeted improvement plan and can also be used as part of your WiredScore application. If you would like more information on how Simpli-Fi can conduct a mobile signal survey for your building, get in touch with the team.

Read about how our POC can demonstrate the effectiveness of a CEL FI mobile signal-boosting solution.

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2. WiFi connectivity

Simpli-Fi’s Managed WiFi Networks service leverages market-leading wireless and cloud-based technology. We work with you to design, install, support and maintain your wireless network to keep your business securely connected. We will provide a Business Network Healthcheck, which will include the following:

  •  An initial consultation to learn about your company and its networking requirements. 
  • A thorough investigation of your site’s infrastructure to determine whether crucial elements such as network design, power and cabling are fit for purpose.
  • A full wireless and network survey will review the design, hardware specification, system security, coverage and capacity.
  • Recommendations for improvements to your network that will provide the ultimate sitewide coverage and ensure that it is scalable and has the capacity to support your future business requirements.

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3. Technical infrastructure

Commercial buildings are now designed using converged networks, which means different types of communication services and technologies are integrated onto a single network infrastructure. Traditionally, separate networks were used to handle various forms of communication, such as voice, data, and video. However, with a converged network, these services are combined and transmitted over a common network infrastructure, typically using Internet Protocol (IP) as the underlying protocol.

Simpli-Fi can help with the following technical infrastructure:

  • Structured cabling

Simpli-Fi Business Network Healthcheck will provide recommendations for any technical infrastructure upgrades. Our team of consultants and network engineers are fully qualified with experience working in Smart  Buildings, and all systems come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

  • Networking equipment

Our team of Solutions Architects are trained and accredited to configure and install resilient, secure, multi-VLAN networks to support the various connected business systems which rely on the Converged Network System. We work closely with ArubaCisco, Allied TelesisWatchguard and Juniper to deliver the highest quality and most secure converged network solutions for our clients and their tenants.

If your aspiration is for a SMART-enabled building, then you will need a well-designed, installed and fully supported Converged Network System from the outset.

Is WiredScore worth it?

The tenant’s progression from a ‘Location, Location, Location’ mentality to one that demands ‘Technology, Technology, Technology’ is quickly materialising as new communication innovations continue to bring businesses together. Futureproofing your commercial real estate building means actively managing your building technology. Your technology should be regularly maintained and updated as new technologies are adopted. 

WiredScore provides a unique selling point for your assets and really helps to stand out amongst the competition. A WiredScore certification across all of your assets is also a mark of consistency, showing present and future tenants that you uphold the same high standards across your entire service offering.


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