September 28, 2018

Creating an app for your event that attendees can download and use as a one stop source of information offers huge rewards for event organisers.

Not only does a well designed app provide visitors with a one stop reference point for information about your event, it opens up new and exciting channels for delegates to communicate with you and with each other. From the comfort of their phones, attendees can network with other guests, plan schedules, ask questions and leave feedback.

Event apps are bringing events into the social age.

But there is one proviso. If an event app is going to do wonders for your engagement and profile, people have to use it. And to use it, they have to able to find it.

That is why marketing your event app – and not just the event itself – is so important. Here are some straightforward tips for promoting your app, and making sure you fully reap the benefits it offers.

Get the word out on different mobile channels.

Apps are mobile tools for a mobile world, so promote your event app on platforms your visitors will see on their phones. This way, when they see mention of your app, it is an easy click through to download – they are much less likely to do so if they do not already have their phone in their hand when they see the plug. So think Facebook and Twitter posts, think SMS, think emails – anywhere to get that simple click through on a mobile device.

Leverage online registration.

If you are using an online portal for people to sign up for coming to your event, you have the perfect opportunity to promote your app. If people are deciding they want to come to your event, that is the best moment to get them to download the app too. Promote it on the information page, on the signup page, even on the thank you page.

Make it sound worthwhile.

Give your attendees a reason to download the app. Promote as many features as possible – and not just the obvious ones like it will tell you what is taking place where. Highlight things like easy click throughs to public transport information and accommodation booking, or that the app enables automated registration. Or come up with something a bit quirky, like inviting delegates to post their selfies at the event via the app which will then be broadcast on screens around the venues.

Involve sponsors and exhibitors.

Make sure sponsors, exhibitors and partners have a prominent role on the app. This is not just a matter of goodwill – as long as they know they are included, it gives all of those people the incentive to promote the app through their own channels.

Make some app-related content.

Do you write a blog for your website? Write a blog about your event app. Do you have a Youtube channel? Make a video showing how easy your app is to download and use. Quality content has been proven to have a far bigger impact than advertising and bland pushes, so get creative and convince people with the quality of your content.

More downloads, better outcomes.

If you want to get the best from your event app, value and adoption are are little bit chicken and egg – the more people who use the app, the more effective it will be in generating a buzz around the event. But the more people talk about the app itself, the more people will download it. And when you do achieve that buzz, you add further value in terms of how you can promote your sponsors and key partners, too, helping to ensure you get good ROI on the app development.