The Project

This was a 2 year construction project for a new luxury residential and commercial villa, built in the hills of the south of France. This high-end villa consists of 3 buildings which include living quarters, staff quarters, guest accommodation, two pools and beautiful landscaped grounds.

We were engaged to provide a high-end managed network to support the home AV and security services, home users IT and corporate IT network.

Our Solution:

The project was completed over multiple phases during a 2 year period. We project managed the delivery of the IT network from start to finish, which encompassed all the other services such as security and Audio visual. We provided:

  • Dual fibre leased line from separate providers to provide complete redundancy.
  • A Watchguard security firewall solution with built in failover for multi WAN.
  • A fully managed Cisco core network to support IT, AV and security VLANS.
  • A Ruckus WiFi6 network which included 38 Internal and External access points and multiple data cabinet locations, with a fibre backbone network between the data cabinets with diverse routing for redundancy. 
  • A managed power solution for all racks, to provide up to 30mins downtime recovery.

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