The Project

Veolia is the UK leader in resource management, providing a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and protect the environment.

The Tottenham Strategic Regeneration Framework is an exciting vision for the future of Tottenham. It is envisaged that Tottenham Hale will become a high-quality district centre that will bring substantial benefits to existing and future residents, offering a thriving place with a new neighbourhood and a housing market that offers a higher grade of accommodation.

Aligned with this framework, a former sandpaper factory, the 1.9-hectare Marsh Lane Depot, was transformed into a state of the art versatile operational hub for the council’s waste management and office functions, which Veolia operates.

Electric car charging stations are also being provided at the new depot, which requires good mobile coverage for each charging station to communicate with the service provider for support and data analytics. In addition to the electric vehicle charging stations, the lift care lines also operate through the data network; hence a robust mobile signal is essential for these to work efficiently.


In partnership with Trusol, Simpli-Fi were commissioned to deliver extensive mobile surveys of the site, both internally and externally. Both the electric vehicle chargers and the red care service lift require online communications, so testing the signal quality for all mobile carriers was critical to the smooth operation of these services. 

Using our Snyper LTE signal analysers, we were able to determine the quality of each mobile network and create a detailed report for our client to select and pre-configure the electric vehicle chargers to the most robust mobile network. 

During the survey, we identified issues with the mobile signal due to the building acting as a transmission blocker. Although the signal was good outside, as soon as you entered the building, the mobile signal dropped to an unacceptable level.

Working with Nextivity Cel-Fi, we installed a cellular boosting system with external LTE antennas that took the external coverage from our two most robust mobile networks and amplified these networks and distributed them internally. 

Our recommendations provided excellent coverage on the selected mobile networks within the new depot, providing seamless connectivity for the red care system and the electric vehicle chargers.  

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