The Project:

The British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) is internationally regarded as a leading specialist osteopathic education institution. Located in London, the campus has multiple buildings with the osteopathic teaching clinic offering approximately 20,000 patient appointments each year.

The compact campus environment offers a large lecture theatre, air conditioned practical rooms, the latest equipment for practical lectures and research, Human Performance Laboratory and student facilities. Their priority was to provide a truly mobile user experience so that students and patients can stay connected anywhere on the campus with a fast, reliable and secure WiFi solution.

BCOM had been struggling for years with really poor performance and coverage across the site, and with a mixture of legacy networks installed it was an impossible task to centrally manage the wireless network. They needed a solution that was fully managed and allowed students, staff and patients to seamlessly roam the campus without disconnecting. They required a wireless network which would be able to support large numbers of users (in excess of 90 students in lecture theatres), and both data and VoIP traffic across the entire campus, admin areas, various outbuildings and external areas of the college. Reliability, quality of service and overall peace of mind were also essential elements of the brief.

Our Solution

Simpli-Fi proposed a new Ruckus AC solution to provide coverage across the multi building site. This allowed for high capacity usage in all teaching areas and lecture spaces, as well as sitewide blanket coverage to provide a flexible teaching and learning environment across the campus.

This solution was provided as a fully managed service which included the Simpli-Fi service guarantees of unlimited emergency onsite support, 24/7 remote monitoring, and firmware and security updates, across a 3 year service level agreement.

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