The Project:

The MatchPlus platform was developed to act as a modern fundraising solution, enabling non-profits across the UK to reach a broader support base. Working in partnership with some of the country’s biggest football clubs and their charitable foundations, MatchPlus helps raise money for good causes through matchday raffles, which also give supporters the chance to win a variety of prizes themselves, including a range of club-specific experiences and merchandise as well as significant cash prizes.

The system is built with a number of parts, with a core website allowing users to purchase tickets online, check their tickets and receive their winnings straight to their bank account. In addition to this, a separate point of sale (PoS) app was developed to allow representatives to sell tickets “on the ground” within the stadium.

To enable this new solution to be used in all areas of the stadium including outside ticket areas, bars, and the concourse around the ground, a reliable wireless network was required for the tablets processing the sales.

Our Solution:

Simpli-Fi carried out multiple RF surveys to determine exactly how many and where the external wireless access points were required. We carried out surveys during peak match days and when the stadium was empty. 

A Ruckus wireless network was deployed with 16 x T710 external Wave 2 access points with fibre backhaul were installed throughout the stadium providing complete coverage, a new fibre backbone to support the network, new edge cabinets and fully redundant core to provide seamless failover. This was provided as part of a 3 year managed service contract which Simpli-Fi retained ownership of the equipment.

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