Next-Gen SD-WAN.

Manage more sites securely, reduce infrastructure costs and meet the demands for applications and cloud-based services with Simpli-Fi’s advanced software-defined WAN solutions.

To meet the demand growth of bandwidth-hungry applications and cloud-based services, organisations must now look to supplement and expand their traditional backbone connectivity to respond to business needs faster. This disruption is forcing many organisations to review their connectivity options, and look to secure scalable and rapid deployment connectivity solutions, and this is where SD-WAN comes into play.  

We work with you from pre to post-deployment and everything in between, wrapped up with our managed services for your ongoing network support to keep your business securely connected and always on. 

We are technology agnostic, meaning we choose the right product to suit your project and your budget. 

With over two decades of experience working in the telecommunications industry our knowledge spans multiple sectors such as Education, Care, Leisure and Commercial sectors. 

A secure network needs a partner you can trust and rely on! 

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Our Clients

We have designed and installed thousands of WiFi networks and related business WiFi solutions, so it’s hard to decide which ones to shout about. 

With that in mind, here are a few clients that have enjoyed working with us.

Some of our WiFi Projects

Advanced software-defined WAN solution at your service.


SD-WAN allows you to leverage cost-efficient internet connections, minimising your networking expenses without compromising quality.

Optimised Performance

Experience improved application performance by dynamically routing traffic over the best path, ensuring smooth operations.

Cloud Connectivity

Seamlessly connect to the cloud, optimising your cloud-based applications and services for a superior user experience.

Ease of Management

Simplify network management with centralised control, making configuration and monitoring a breeze.

Flexibility and Agility

With SD-WAN, your network can adapt in real-time, accommodating changing demands and scaling effortlessly.

Reliability and Redundancy

SD-WAN's multiple connection options mean enhanced redundancy, ensuring minimal downtime even in the face of connection failures.

Global Reach

Reach new heights with a global SD-WAN solution, enabling connectivity across borders and regions.

Cost Management

Better control your bandwidth usage and expenses with SD-WAN's intelligent traffic management capabilities.

Ultra high-performance wireless networking at your service.

Industry leading performance

Based on the latest WiFi 6E standard, our networks take full advantage of the 6 GHz band, providing three dedicated radios and improved device performance by enabling more simultaneous device connections with 12 spatial streams.


Provide exceptional end-user experience within stadiums, large public venues, conference centres and University auditoriums with Ultra-High-Density wireless access. A Simpli-Fi network consistently delivers the required network performance to every end user, no matter how challenging the environment.

High availability

Cloud-based scalable and versatile WLAN controllers in high availability, providing redundancy where you need it most. Designed to run in a private cloud deployment. It eliminates the difficulties enterprises experience with building, managing, and scaling up to large-scale WLAN.

Powered by AI

Purpose-driven networks that perform in the tough, unique environments of the industries we serve. Leveraging network assurance and enterprise-wide automation driven by AI and machine learning (ML), we deliver exceptional experiences for every employee, guest, customer, student and resident who counts on staying connected to our always-on digital lives.

Proactive Networking

Visibility is just the start; optimise user experiences on the network with an AI-driven network. With a Simpli-Fi WLAN, you can proactively find and fix WiFi issues before they become problems, reducing up to 80% of costly support time.


Our networks can sit on top of and alongside your existing wireless investments; with a simplified cloud configuration, our networks can handle the most complicated of environments and can be rolled out across hundreds of sites in record time, keeping upgrade and deployment costs low.

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Advanced SD-WAN Services

Site Surveys

Predictive, pre & post deployment site surveys using industry-leading planning tools.

Leading Tech

Market leading technologies for Next-Generation SD-WAN.

Wide Coverage

UK & Pan European coverage.

Flexible Options

Flexible commercial terms – Managed service option – No Capex. 

24/7 Support

24/7 Remote monitoring and support.

User Dashboard

User dashboard and network analytics.

Our Partners and Vendors

We have been working with trusted vendors for decades. These valued partnerships allow us to exchange views and support innovation, ensuring our clients always receive the right solution at the best price.
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What our clients say

“We heavily trust and rely on Simpli-Fi when designing and installing the right solution for our clients. They often have to respond at short notice with rigid installation timelines and consistently deliver for us on time. The WiFi networks are crucial for the construction processes, so any downtime can be a big issue for all the trades working on the site. The team is always on hand and ready to support us when needed.”

Darren Borg, Regional Director, Wingate Plc

Ultra high performance networks to ensure reliable and seamless wireless connectivity for all your needs.