September 28, 2018

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re running low on charge, but we need to use our smartphones urgently. Airports, coffee shops and motorway service stations offer the chance to top-up on power in a pinch.

But at an event, there are usually far too few outlets – and too many people trying to use them. Inevitably, outlet envy follows. A place to charge becomes a sought-after resource.

For event organisers, providing power is key to driving satisfaction and productivity. Here’s why.

Security Concerns

One of the key challenges with charging is security. Nobody likes leaving their phone unattended. Unauthorised use, unexpected charges and the risk of information security breaches are all key concerns.

If you can provide a secure way for people to charge devices, they will be able to charge while they are elsewhere in a building. They can plug in, head off to a workshop or keynote, then come back to a fully charged device.

If someone’s too afraid to leave their device plugged into a wall, they’re only going to get to use the outlet while they’re idling. That means their device is never going to be charged right to the top, and anyone who needs a lengthy charge can’t be productive while they wait.

Convenient Charging

On a slow charger, some devices can take hours to reach full charge. How can event organisers ensure that people can get topped up on power quickly? Simple: by providing modern, fast chargers.

Charging standards vary, but as an example, Samsung devices use a fast charging method that is compatible with Qualcomm’s QC2.0. This can cut charging time down to less than an hour, even if the battery is flat.

If you can’t provide fast chargers for some reason, portable charging is another convenient solution. Simply sign out powerbanks, branded with sponsor logos, and let people charge their phones as they enjoy the event. In time, we’ll see more devices use wireless resonance charging, which opens up even more convenient opportunities for topping up a device’s battery.

The more accessible a charging point is, the less likely it is that you’ll put a barrier in the way of productivity.

Monitoring Usage

Do people actually charge their phones at events? Our experience says that they do. We’ve found that you need one charger per 100-200 people at an event, and getting that equipment is not terribly expensive. Simpli-Fi can supply charging solutions along with event Wi-Fi and other services, ensuring you are equipped to give your attendees the best experience.

Our secure charging bays actually harvest analytics that tell us exactly how the devices are being charged, and how often. We can release those statistics to you so you can see exactly how your charging solution has assisted your delegates.

Find Out More

Simpli-Fi is one of the leading experts in event WiFi and technical solutions. If you’d like to offer mobile device charging at your next event, contact us to discuss branding options and rental pricing.