September 28, 2018

Intelligence Portals Track Data and Success of Every Event

Hosting any event can be an exhilarating process. Every event is built around a unique set of goals, with different resources, amenities, and activities attached to each. Getting the individual details exactly right ensures that every guest will enjoy each separate aspect of the event. Successful planners gain a tremendous sense of accomplishment when the event is over, feedback is positive, and the client is talking about next year’s party.

In the end, the goal of every event planner is to understand what went well and what didn’t, so future events will always be improvements on the current one. Cloud computing software known as “Intelligence Portals” now offer planners the digital tools they need ensure each event is excellent and better than the last one.

Understanding why people attend events, and ensuring that their motivations are rewarded every time, will ensure repeat attendance at future events.

Measuring Event Success:

Capturing attendee opinion is critical to improving both future events and pursuing the added commerce that might be tied to the endeavour. Questionnaires and surveys can be used, but those are usually presented after the event is over. Any responses offered through these channels may offer such a small comment that there is no value for evaluation purposes. The expense of pursuing, capturing and analysing feedback from these channels can be prohibitive.

Intelligence Portal Technology Captures Attendee Response As It Happens:

Cloud computing technology can now capture attendee activities and responses as they happen. Intelligence portals are designed for the specific event and can be programmed to capture data specific to the event developer’s needs. Introduced to potential attendees at the invitation stage, they can thereafter be easily accessed by all participants, including presenters, staff and others. All participants can intentionally enter data, or the app can be configured to track individual activities through location settings. Recording attendee interactions within the event can signal which activities are successful and which are not. Feedback surveys can be transmitted as the event is happening, so attendees can quickly share their immediate responses with planners, their fellow attendees and their outside communities and social circles.

Best of all, all data collected over the course of the event – from every source, including attendees – can be organised by the Portal in relevant and meaningful categories, and analysed to reveal the relative success of the overall event and each of its separate aspects. Data collection and analysis is on-going as the event occurs, so final results are accessible almost immediately after it closes. And additional programming can be done to reveal data and conclusions that were not considered prior to the event, but were revealed through the capture of relevant data during the event.

Every event, large or small, offers unique opportunities for attendee engagement, enjoyment, and fulfilment. Today’s Intelligence Portal technology gives every event planner the tools, strategies and data necessary to ensure that today’s event fulfils the needs of all event participants and that future event will be even better.