Solve poor mobile coverage problems within your building with intelligent cellular coverage technology, CEL-FI by Nextivity, delivered through Simpli-Fi.

Simpli-Fi provides compliant solutions for small offices to large enterprise buildings, all fully compliant with Ofcom’s UK Interface requirement.
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70% of all mobile calls are made from inside a building where mobile signals are often diminished because of building materials or other hidden barriers which stand in the way of a strong signal, which is why we partner with Nextivity to deliver premium CEL-FI cellular coverage solutions. Our systems help organisations achieve strong carrier signals, keeping businesses, employees and visitors connected.

In Building Mobile Signal Boosting

What is an in-building mobile network signal booster?

An in-building mobile signal booster/mobile cellular coverage solution takes the external mobile signal, amplifies it and rebroadcasts it in the building areas where it is required. Boosting your mobile coverage reduces dropped calls, means improved voice clarity and streaming, as well as faster downloads and improved battery life for the devices benefiting from the service.

Once installed, Simpli-Fi provides bespoke ongoing managed services and digital performance monitoring and applies automatic updates to support continual network changes in your area.

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Key Benefits

See why Simpli-Fi delivers the best in class product and service.


Simpli-Fi solutions provide reliable cellular coverage with CEL-FI by Nextivity with 3x the coverage footprint of comparable systems.

Super fast data

We provide lightening fast data rates so that the data you need is with you in seconds.

No dropped

We boosts your signal so you can receive crystal clear, reliable voice connections.

Rapidly installed, set up
and configured

Can be configured across multiple floors or across campuses, and operator approval is not required to install CEL-FI solutions, enabling rapid deployment.


CEL-FI by Nextivity systems are fully compliant with Ofcom requirements. They are rapidly installed, set up, and configured by certified installers.

Why Choose Simpli-Fi?


Our expert project managers and telecommunication engineers will consult with your team, survey your premises and design the best mobile phone signal booster solution for your business, whether you are centrally or remotely located.


From installation to on-going support, our team of engineers offers UK-wide coverage, ensuring we will reach you whatever the site location and delivering expert, reliable service to keep you connected.


Once installed, we provide bespoke, ongoing managed services and digital performance monitoring and apply automatic updates to support continual network changes in your area.

Who are Simpli-Fi

A leader in connectivity solutions since 2009, Simpli-Fi is trusted by customers across the UK and beyond. We work within the Education, Care, Commercial and Leisure sectors.

Solve Cellular Coverage
Problems with Cel-Fi Products

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