September 28, 2018

Event technology and event WiFi is changing the way we run events and conferences, but we can still see room for improvement. Just as we measure web traffic very closely, we’re soon going to be better equipped to understand the physical world of an event.

In the coming months, as we realise the potential of the technology we have, we’re going to be able to shape and improve visitor experience even further. This is going to help us bring online and offline together, and enrich the experience for your visitors.

Visitor Experience

Physical bottlenecks can cause all kinds of problems at events, and presence awareness technology is going to help to cut back on queues and delays. At large events, connectivity and power problems can seriously affect productivity.

We’re inevitably going to find more use of Beacons, and more use of sensors using the Internet of Things, so that footfall can be measured. Organisers are going to have a better idea of where problems are, and will be able to see the status of technical services in real time.

In terms of improving visitor satisfaction and retention, this has to be a key focus for the coming years. Event WiFi is the backbone that will bring all these services together and ensure that everyone can access the information they need.

Keeping People Updated

Event apps are a challenge; you need to keep apps updated, and sometimes, resource is limited. Businesses need to find better ways to put content into apps and keep attendees informed. Simpli-Fi uses an integrated system to push content to displays and apps at the same time, and it can also integrate with social media channels. This hugely cuts down back on administration, and helps you to get the best ROI from your content.

As event technology matures, we’re going to see increased emphasis on social engagement. This helps to bridge the physical and virtual communities that cluster around events and conferences. As the millennial generation moves into management and boardroom positions, interactive content is going to be more critical in the coming years.

Virtual Attendance

Someday soon, could we have attendees who attend virtually, even if they can’t travel? Technology like virtual reality could bring remote speakers into the room with physical attendees. The emphasis here is on face-to-face communication, and the ability to economise on our time. Virtual keynote speeches sound exotic now, but we’re almost certainly going to see some experimentation.

Rather than seeing this as a fundamental change to events management, look at it as a way to increase engagement. The more people you can bring into a conversation, the more the message of your event will permeate the social web.

Looking Forward

Simpli-Fi is committed to delivering cutting edge event solutions. From connectivity to interactive messaging, metrics to mobile phone charging, there are a range of ways you can enhance your event experience today.

Find out more: contact Simpli-Fi and find out about the exciting possibilities we can offer.