September 28, 2018

As an event organiser, guest registration is a critical moment. To get off to a good start, you want to carry out initial administration quickly and efficiently, handing out welcome packs and passing on important information. At an invite only event, you need to be able to check attendees off as they arrive, and for all types of event, it is a key moment for gathering attendance data.

However, for guests the registration process can be a chore. When large numbers of guests arrive at once, bottlenecks quickly form, and attendees have to wait in frustratingly long queues.

They say first impressions are everything, so waiting in long queues to register is not the way you want to kick start things. However, thanks to new technology, the registration process no longer has to be a headache. By making use of digital devices, you can improve speed and efficiency enormously, turning registration into an effortless, hassle-free experience for all of your guests.

Here are 5 tips for using technology to improve your event registration process.

  1. Use advanced registration. Traditionally, one of the main sticking points in event registration was the time it took to fill out paper forms by hand. Attendees might have to queue once to pick up a form, spend time filling it in, then queue again to get it processed. With the internet, none of that is necessary. Set up an online registration form, and have guests complete it in advance.
  1. Make it mobile friendly. You can guarantee that nearly all of your guests will have a mobile phone, so make use of this to streamline your registration. By making registration forms available online and mobile friendly, guests can fill it in as they arrive. Keep the information you ask for to a minimum, as filling in lengthy forms on small screens can be awkward.
  1. Use scanning codes. One of the advantages of using mobile registration is it gives you lots of options for confirming access to the event. Completed forms are processed automatically, so all guests have to do is show confirmation to security to get into the event. Even this can be automated using scanning codes, such as QR technology. Confirmation can be linked to a particular code which guests have to scan on their device, gaining them access.
  1. Benefit from beacons. An alternative to scanning codes is to use beacons to process guests as they arrive. Beacon technology works by connecting special data centres via bluetooth to something worn or carried by an individual, such as a mobile phone. Guests would need to download an app, which could be linked to a registration form, which would then be picked up by the beacons, logging their arrival. This is a great solution for eradicating queues at events where you don’t need face-to-face contact with guests, either for admin or security reasons.
  1. Install Face Recognition. You would be forgiven for thinking face recognition technology is so prohibitively expensive you are only ever likely to see it in airports. However, mobile apps have now been developed which will recognise a face using Augmented Reality (AR) software. If guests registered online with a photo, cameras linked to device running this software could be used to provide a swift automated registration process.

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