September 28, 2018

Event apps are a fantastic addition to the event planner’s armoury. They offer an easy, intuitive way to deliver all the information your attendees will need and want about your event, and open up a direct line of communication to boot.

But what can sometimes catch organisers out is the timing for getting the app ready. It is easy to think of an app as an in-event accessory, and aim to have it ready to go live just in time for things to start.

However, event delegates often want to do a bit of research ahead of time, maybe to learn more about key speakers and exhibitors, or to plan what they want to attend. Moreover, if you want attendees to use the app, you need to be ready to promote it in advance, and that means having everything up and ready roll when the marketing starts.

Once downloaded, your app will be the first impression delegates get of your event. It is therefore vital that it looks and works great from the start, with all content available and functioning.

Here is a quick checklist to help make your app a winner from the start.

Less Is More

According to our partner, event management and marketing software developer TapFuse, when it comes to features to include on your app, don’t go overboard. The likelihood is that users will not have time to get to grips with them all anyway, and it could make the interface cluttered and confusing. Focus on the essentials that are really going to enhance the experience, and avoid the clever gimmicks. This will also help speed up development and making sure all content is available and working.

Content Strategy

The beauty of apps is they can be changed and added to, unlike a printed pamphlet or programme. While you want to have your app looking great, and key functions working, you don’t need to include all the content straight away. Indeed, well timed notifications and updates can help build up the anticipation ahead of an event. Make the most of the direct line of contact your app gives you to your audience with a clearly thought out content strategy, planning what to communicate, and when.


Event apps give users the chance to plan and manage their own event experience through their mobile device. To allow them to do this, an app has to contain the right kind of interactive content. For example, help delegates plan their journey with directions linked to route planning tools, links to public transport timetables and bookings, and even links to online accommodation sites. Even if not fully confirmed, include brief bios of prospective speakers, with links to their personal websites, and an interactive schedule attendees can use to plan their own timetable.

Cross Promote

Your event app should be only one part of your digital tech set up. In terms of marketing, you will likely have also set up things like an event website, or at least dedicated pages hosted on another site, along with social media – a Facebook page, Twitter feed, Youtube channel etc. Apps are perfect for cross promoting these with links, updates and notifications, and for social media that provide a platform for user generated content, in the form of posting comments, feedback, photos and videos etc.

Find Out More

If you’re interested in learning more about event app development, feel free to contact us. Simpli-Fi has a decade’s worth of expertise supplying event technology solutions to conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and galas. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.