September 28, 2018

When you arrive at any conference or event, Wi-Fi is always a welcome facility. It helps to save precious mobile data reserves, and gives people the option of conducting vital research in venues where mobile signal is patchy. When there’s a good Wi-Fi signal, you can almost hear the sighs of relief as attendees realise that they’ll be able to get online.

In some cases, event Wi-Fi actually drives engagement, such as facilitating chat on social media channels and allowing collaboration via a dedicated conference or event App.

Designing and implementing a network is a critical part of the planning stage for any event, particularly since many conference facilities don’t have a pre-installed Wi-Fi systems, capable of supporting the capacity and bandwidth demands of todays visitors.

The Complete Package

Most events now come with some kind of digital schedule, with event apps being one of the most common delivery methods. There’s no point in putting a huge amount of effort into an app if the connectivity isn’t there to support it, which is why Wi-Fi and apps go hand in hand.

With event Wi-Fi, you can support your other initiatives, such as the timely delivery of schedule changes, or opportunities to network digitally as the event progresses. As such, Wi-Fi isn’t just about convenience; it’s about holistically supporting the digital ecosystem around the event. This might also include digital signage, so you can update delegates and broadcast useful information.

Planning a Deployment

When Simpli-Fi is commissioned to install event Wi-Fi, a survey of the proposed venue is a critical undertaking. By measuring network performance around a proposed venue, we can design the best infrastructure for the intended event and end user experience.

Surveys and design help to avoid over-deployment of equipment, so you can cover more of the building with less hardware and avoid any unnecessary cross interference. Critical areas, such as breakout rooms, can be covered without reception black spots. This prevents a situation where attendees dash out of a presentation and congregate in other areas to get a stronger signal.

We also work towards the capacity of the venue, ensuring that you have the bandwidth to support everyone at peak periods. Bear in mind that many of your delegates will bring several devices, and they’ll probably want to have them all simultaneously connected. You’ll need to ensure that bandwidth is appropriately throttled, too, so that one person can’t hog the connection. That’s something we can help with.

Driving Better Organisation

We tend to think about event Wi-Fi as being a service to support smartphones, or to help delegates to connect on tablets and laptops. But it can also act as a facilitator for the staff at the event, which is just as important.

By deploying Wi-Fi, you’re arming your event staff with the tools they need to keep in touch. They can relay information without noisy two-way radios, and dynamically update each other on the progress of the day.

Getting Started

From annual conferences to networking groups, every event brings its own challenges, and Simpli-Fi is the partner you need to plan and execute a perfect solution. We have extensive experience in providing event Wi-Fi all over the UK, and we know exactly which scenarios to plan for.

Our temporary WiFi services are suitable for events of all sizes, and are priced to be competitive and affordable. Get in touch to find out how you can use this technology to your advantage at your next business event.