September 28, 2018

Conferences present a great opportunity for making new connections, yet many events fail to provide the tools delegates need for success. In order to get people talking, you need to provide the technology that helps them to make connections. And that technology needs to unite everyone that’s there.

If you’re organising a business or tech conference, it pays to deploy innovative technology to support the stakeholders: organisers, the attendees and the speakers and importantly sponsors. Not only will this support the objectives of the event, but it’ll cement your reputation as a forward-thinking organiser that innovates and ensures an exceptional experience.

Networking Success

Conferences give delegates the chance to get together and make new business connections. Whether they’re looking for clients, seeking support or simply widening their horizons, they’ll have a limited amount of time to make those contacts.

On the other side of the stage, organisers are working hard to keep events on track, and engaging. Without reliable ways to communicate, they can be left to deal with issues alone in a time-pressured environment.

By using an event app, you can provide a reliable and customised platform for delegates to chat with vendors, and for the event team to talk among themselves. Guests can find out more about each other, and research the speakers they’ve seen, without the need for handouts or external social messaging. In addition, an event app provides a centralised platform to disseminate information, with all your content at everyone’s fingertips.

Using an app in conjunction with a managed WiFi solution ensures modern, streamlined and digital experience that makes conferences efficient and exciting.

Feature Packed

Collaboration is the key to getting things done, and a successful event is no different. When looking for an event app, you need something that’s going to keep the event on schedule, while offering rich information, interactive features and robust performance:

Creating a schedule for an event is essential, yet paper schedules get lost, and websites may be inaccessible. If you have event WiFi and your own event app, you retain complete control of the timing of the conference, and you can reach out to attendees with changes in real time.

Just as LinkedIn has provided an essential networking platform, an event app can provide the same functionality on a hyper-local level. Attendees can create profiles, research new contacts and arrange to meet up at the conference, elevating the level of engagement and encouraging conversation.

Messaging is also a critical tool, and often, we see conference attendees exchanging comments on Twitter. That’s great – but wouldn’t it be better if you could provide your own platform? It helps to keep people focused and provide a platform discussion before, during and after your event.

Participation is key, and a good event app should provide the features you need to crowdsource opinion, capture votes on a question, or let users feed back on their experience. Once the event is over, the app needs to provide an archive of everything that’s been discussed and enable you to extract valuable data and analytics.

Perfect Partners

With Simpli-Fi’s event WiFi solutions, and the TapFuse’s event marketing and management app, you have everything you need to provide cross-platform organisation, messaging and interactivity. We’ve recently attended the International Chambers of Commerce EMEA conference in Dubai, where we deployed WiFi along with TapFuse over the course of the 4-day event. Allowing over 300 delegates to connect, share content and ideas whilst participating in live polling and digital Q&A.

If your event is lacking the tools your attendees need to network and interact, don’t hesitate to speak to Simpli-Fi about our event-based WiFi and app packages.