September 28, 2018

Is It Something We All Take For Granted?

When people of a certain age gather together, they often reminisce about the good old days, when life was so much simpler.

A time when movies were about real people with real problems – not lyrcra-clad superheroes saving the world for the umpteenth time.

And footballers earned a reasonable wage, not the national debt of an average-sized European nation.

But the past was far from perfect.

Where would we be – in our modern world of mass-communication – without high speed, easily available Wi-Fi?

When our Internet connection break down, it can make us feel like spacemen with shattered helmets. Leaving us flailing and gasping, as the oxygen of information seeps away from us.

Open access to the Internet is one of the great boons of our society. Businesses and schools rely heavily on Wi-Fi, as it gives them nearly unlimited resources, and a simple and flexible form of communication.

Yet many people are unaware of the numerous benefits. Few realise that Wi-Fi can even save lives.

That’s why the British government announced at the end of last year that every NHS building in the UK is to get the technology for free.

It is believed that this move will improve the patients’ experience, as well as cutting down on administration.

More specifically, it will allow patients to keep in touch with friends and family, plus they will be able to keep themselves amused during the interminable hours, days or weeks they have to spend on a ward.

Some hospitals are already enjoying the benefits, with mobile clinical systems and tablets taking the place of paper charts. This means that worrying developments in vital signs can be more quickly spotted and assessed. Then the information is shared almost immediately with relevant medical staff.

Technological advances also means a greater reliance on e-prescribing, which can reduce errors in medicating patients by up to 50%.

And monitors can be worn by patients, alerting medical staff immediately to any problems.

But, of course, this advanced technology can only work if there is fast and efficient Wi-Fi, allowing the system to run smoothly.
System down means patient danger.

Here at Simpli-Fi we are acutely aware of the importance of Wi-Fi technology, and how it impacts on all areas of life. (Plus life or death situations.)

And we have a vast amount of experience, providing temporary and permanent solutions to those working in various industries, including leisure, events and education.

We regularly deliver the most up to date technology, along with support and monitoring, meaning there are no hi-tech hiccups in the smooth running of your operation.

Furthermore, it’s a bespoke service we offer, where your specific needs are always analysed then met.

Fast and efficient Wi Fi is essential for most events, and our services are used extensively in all areas, from product launches to major festivals.

After all, if you are launching an exciting new product, you will want the journalists and photographers covering the event to be able to send copy immediately to a news desk. If Wi Fi is unavailable, the deadline will be missed and the media exposure will move on – ignoring the message you want to broadcast to the world.

And how many people will even want to attend your event, if they can’t be assured that laptops and mobile phones will be in full working order?

We live in a brave new world of unlimited communication opportunities. Ignoring Wi Fi capabilities means ignoring this world – and who would want to do that?

For any more information about any of our products and services, please feel free to get in touch.