September 28, 2018

Whatever your event, WiFi connections are an essential piece in the jigsaw for modern event planning. In our mobile-mad world, whether it is a conference or concert, festival or fashion show, the one thing you can guarantee people will want to be able to do is get on line. Providing good event WiFi adds to a good customer experience.

But whilst your delegates, visitors and fans are all busy on their Smartphones and tablets, are you not maybe missing a trick? Is mobile technology just a consumer creature comfort catered for as a goodwill gesture, or is there some way it can be leveraged to maximise the impact of your event? After all, if everyone is busy chatting on Facebook and Twitter anyway, would you not prefer them to be talking about your event?

One exciting trend in event technology has been the development of easy-to-customise event apps for mobile devices. Here are four great reasons why you should fully embrace mobile for your next event.

Control the conversation

Launching a mobile app for your event means you can get people talking about it before, during and after your event takes place. Including news feed updates in your app before the event will make sure those attending are kept in the know about major announcements, whilst a live activity feed during the event can help users track what is going on and where. Opening your live activity feed up to user input through comment and forum features is a great way to encourage feedback and ideas. This will give people a chance to chat about their plans and upload pictures to share personal highlights, helping to create and maintain a buzz about the whole event.

Keep everyone informed

Hit by an unforeseen last-minute change of plan which needs to be communicated, fast? Not a problem – with a mobile event app, all important news can be reached by all users, instantly. It also means all relevant information can be kept in one place just the touch of a button away. Links to maps, parking arrangements, public transport links, start and end times, local accommodation, ticketing and schedules for speakers / performers are all the kinds of things that visitors are likely to want to know. An informed audience is a happy audience, and improving the experience will drive satisfaction and positive feedback.

Strengthen your brand

Event apps are fully customizable and can be designed to fit in with your branding requirements. Every individual user who then downloads and uses the app is then essentially carrying around a little piece of your brand in their pocket. The opportunities to engage with customers and clients by using mobile’s social capabilities will help to build stronger relationships, and on the strength of that, an app provides its own sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Get valuable feedback

Want to know what the reaction was to the keynote speaker, or which exhibitor went down a storm? Just look at what people are saying on the app. This is one of the great marketing strengths of mobile technology, the opportunity to gain real-time feedback from customers.

Discover event WiFi

If you would like to find out more about how we can set up a smart mobile app for your event, get in touch with Simpli-Fi today.