September 28, 2018

Let’s be honest – we’re all more or less married to our smartphones these days, to the point where we feel a little bit lost without them. How often does the question ‘Have I got enough battery charge?’ pop into your head before you venture out into the wide world?

Running out of battery, while perhaps not quite an emotional crisis for most of us, can be frustrating and inconvenient. We’ve all heard people ask ‘Is there somewhere I can charge my phone?’ in restaurants, pubs, cafes and meeting places; we’ve all seen laptops dangling precariously from random window ledges as they suck up a precious few drops of juice to get them through the day.

For event organisers, this raises a simple question – having somewhere to charge their mobile device matters to people, so why not give them just that? After all, the aim is to give attendees the best possible experience, so every little thing you can do to provide some additional creature comfort is worthwhile.

So-called Charge and Chill zones are growing in popularity at events. In 2016 they have been a noticeable feature at several major sporting tournaments, including The Open Golf, the UEFA European Championships, and the French Open Tennis. And anyone lucky enough to make it to this year’s Event Tech Live in London will have been able to take the load off while recharging their own and their mobile’s batteries in the networking lounge.

Here’s why Charge and Chill should be on the list for your event:

 1. Improve the Event Experience

It has already been said, but it is well worth repeating. People will want to use their smartphones and tablets at your event, so giving them a place to do so is all about convenience. Little touches like this add value to what you are offering.

2. Promote Informal Networking

Charge and chill zones can become great social spaces. Networking events are a staple of many business functions, but some people can be put off by the formal expectation to get out and press the flesh in certain places at certain times. Creating a relaxed, laid back environment away from the main events can actually promote people to connect more.

3. Provide a Space to Take Five

As fun and as exhilarating as your event is, people will still need a break, somewhere just to sit down for five minutes away from the hullaballoo to relax a little and take stock – perhaps by checking their Facebook or reading the news. Make your Charge and Chill zone as comfortable and welcoming as possible, with comfortable seats and drinks and snacks facilities.

4. Create Sponsorship Opportunities.

Branding your Charge and Chill zones creates another opportunity for your sponsors. At Event Tech Live, ITM Mobile powered and sponsored the zone, boosting brand awareness amongst the hundreds of visitors who used the facility. A Charge and Chill zone is likely to be extremely popular, offering great exposure for whoever sponsors it.

5. Engage With Delegates

A Charge and Chill zone is a great place to promote your own digital content and interact with with visitors. Use display screens to promote your event app, encourage people to take an online survey about the event while they are sat down, or show live feeds event message boards or social media pages, encouraging people in the zone to join in the conversation.

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