September 28, 2018

 Tips On Setting Up Temporary Internet At Your Next Event

By now we’ve all likely heard the statistic that at the end of 2013 there were more mobile connected devices on the planet than the number of humans on the face of the earth. During this same year, one billion smartphones were shipped to customers worldwide and there will be seven billion more of them over the next three years.

But did you know that in a single NFL football game in the states there are over 30,000 wi-fi connected devices inside the stadium during the event? Here in the UK, we enjoy some of the fastest internet connection speeds in the world, tied for second place with Singapore and only surpassed by online users in the streets of South Korea.

Challenges With Increasing Internet Needs

Temporary internet services at special events are becoming the norm nowadays and there’s much to consider when connecting with this ever-increasing mobile crowd. For the sake of argument, we’ll use a music festival as a comparison to a more traditional conference venue. Whether your event is free or in the triple digits that many concert attendees are used to paying these days, your audience will want wi-fi available to them.

Knowing Your Venue

Just like at a jamming music concert, you’ll want more connectivity available at certain key locations, near the front of the stage and at the concession stands. This will serve your audience as they view the performers and help to ensure successful online payments at necessary locations. Obviously this depends on the size of your event and venue, but you should also be considering these important questions:

Where will the majority of your guests be seated or standing?

Do you need connectivity in parking areas?

Will there be wi-fi available to the hosts and VIPs in special sections?

Are special teams or other staff members requiring access?

Placement Physics

There are some physics that come into play when it comes to placement of internet connectivity. For example, again in terms of space and mentioning having accessibility near the front of the stage at a concert, this can be a logistics nightmare.

The density of people inside this tight space does little to help with harbouring a high-speed connection. Human beings are made of 70% water and the transmission of radio waves that transmits WiFi signals can penetrate that body, but not without losing a little strength. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and your locations for the best overall service to serve staff and attendees.

Strategy and Priority

Again, dependent upon your location and venue, you might not be able to provide lightning fast internet speed to every square inch of your space so there may be some strategy necessary to prioritise hot spots. You’ll want to ensure the success of your event and plan accordingly:

Ensure planners, operators and hosts have optimal connectivity. Organisers and key operators should be given top priority to ensure the event runs smoothly.

If there is a ticket area, concessions stand or other type of sales area, they will be in need of faster and more secure processing speeds.

VIP members, special guests, speakers or anyone else who is considered higher on the list than regular attendees.

Security and other staff members will also require their fair share.

Lastly comes the regular audience members. Although they may seem like a priority, running the event itself, making sales, taking care of the safety and security of all everyone must come first and foremost.

In any event, pardon the pun, you’ll want to work closely with your professional, temporary internet service provider to give your audience the best wi-fi solutions available. They will benefit both the host of the event as well as the attendees.