September 28, 2018

Summer’s warmer months are just around the corner, and soon, the season’s events will be well underway. For events organisers, summer tends to be the busiest season, complete with its own unique challenges and opportunities.

In the summer, we see an uplift in interest around event WiFi and connectivity, and with footfall reaching a peak, capacity is key. If you’re in the planning stages, follow our checklist to ensure you’re prepped for the busiest time of the year.

Is Your Network Secure?

At any summer event, it’s your responsibility to keep your attendees safe and secure. All organisers expect to invest in technologies that will assist them in management on the day.

Normally, we talk about physical security, but the security of your technical services is also important. Public WiFi networks can be a risk to data security if they are not properly implemented and secured.

Your event WiFi partner needs to focus on secure and reliable event WiFi, as it’s likely that you’ll have business critical systems connected to the network on the day. From your CCTV cameras to the sensors that detect footfall, every aspect of the network has to be stress tested and secured so that malicious users and curious amateur hackers cannot gain access.

Are You Ensuring Access For All?

Providing network connectivity is a great way to keep your attendees engaged and organised, and it can be a considerable draw if your event takes place in an area where mobile signal is poor.

But your network will also be critical for organisers, security teams and the press representatives that have come to promote it.

You’re going to need to ensure that you have headroom during peak periods, without saturating your site with unnecessary equipment. At the same time, it makes sense to offer different connectivity solutions to different segments of your audience.

Identifying bottlenecks, and conducting effective site surveys, is key to ensuring everyone gets online on the day.

Are You Driving Profit?

As we move towards cashless payment systems, your event WiFi is going to be a critical profit driver. It’s common for small retailers to use smartphone payment terminals, contactless payments, and mobile payment terminals.

As the organiser, you need the correct infrastructure to keep everyone’s payment gateways online. If you haven’t had this discussion with your vendors or exhibitors, now’s the time to discuss the options with them.

Are You Prepared For Demand?

Every year, we’re seeing more people bring devices to summer events. Smartphones and tablets are almost ubiquitous, and many people will bring more than one device.

Your network provision last year may not be sufficient this year. A lot can change in 12 months. Can you be confident that your guests will be able to use their event app? If you market streaming promotional content, will they be able to load it?

Do You Have the Right Partner?

Revising and improving your connectivity strategy is an essential part of event planning, and summer is the time when technologies like WiFi are pushed to the limit. If you need a partner who can offer effective planning and extensive event experience, don’t hesitate to give Simpli-Fi a call.