September 28, 2018

Today’s professional planners engage their attendees through a variety of inventive and innovative technologies to ensure that the message of their event is fully and completely shared by all.

With so much of the world’s activity available on-line, attracting event attendees can be a challenging task; once event guests arrive, keeping them engaged means more than just presenting a great subject or show. These days, the methods used to grab and hold their attention must offer significant enough emotional engagement to justify their time and financial investment.

Finally, to be truly successful, the event experience will leave all attendees excited for more, with a vivid memory of the overall, emotionally thrilling experience.

Emotions Engage Event Participants:

  1. hedonistic enjoyment;
  2. social interactions with community, and
  3. a wider symbolic meanings that stems from cultural and personal narratives.

Planners who understand these principles will offer event experiences that trigger these responses.

Who Attends Events?


Spectators are passive consumers of the event proceedings. Some are fans who have strong personal connections with the event subject. Others may be new and curious and are coming to learn more. Still others may be the focus of the event – influential people who might be lucrative future contacts or colleagues.

Providing a variety of interactive opportunities for all spectators will allow each to engage with the exact aspects of the day that interest them. For all groups, the purpose of the event is to earn or increase loyalty and engender positive responses that will be shared after the event is over.

Performers and Presenters:

These professionals attend to share themselves with the audience. In doing so, they develop personal satisfaction as well as improved connections with existing and new fans. Ensuring that their presentations and performances go well is the fundamental purpose of event planners.

Technology Creates Emotional Responses:

In its simplest form, the “selfie” photograph illustrates how technology facilitates motivator #2: sharing social interactions. The need to share ones’ experiences with ones’ community is a huge driver in today’s’ world, which is further evidenced by the success of Facebook, Twitter, etc. People want to share their experiences with their communities as they have them. Connecting others with ones’ experience is a way of celebrating membership in a particular group or society. When people get this response from an event, they will share their response with their community and seek it out again and again.

Leading Edge Planners Use Technology Tools To Create Unforgettable Events:

All the senses should be engaged during the event process to attract and capture attention. Today’s mobile, flexible technology brings every conceivable aspect of the show together:

For Presenters:

Wireless or wired connections are imperative to keep backstage crew and support staff connected throughout the performances. From stage front, reliable, flexible connections ensure presentations or performances are properly lit, acoustically accurate and visually clear. The opportunity for thrilling special effects is almost limitless, considering the scope of technology available with which to create them. Emotional responses are directly driven by what the brain sees and hears, so getting these foundational aspects exactly right is critical to event success.

For Guests:

Internet- Access to the internet is integral for the “selfie” crowd. Other internet connectivity will allow attendees to easily and immediately share with their friends what they are experiencing.

Visuals – Videos, crowd cameras, etc., are facilitated by CCTV connections, which can make the audience as much as part of the event as the performers.

Event Related Apps – Designed to heighten and extend the experience, specialised apps maintain connections between performers, presenters and attendees long after the event is over.

Today’s technology facilitates mind-expanding event experiences that can engage all aspects of every attendee – performers, presenters and spectators alike. Simpli-Fi offers the technology, experience and knowledge needed to engage and delight your event attendees, and the digital community members with whom they share.