September 28, 2018

Feedback is a key part of delivering a great experience at any business event, and the opinions your delegates have can drive continual refinement and increased attendee numbers. Handing out a survey on paper is all well and good, but there are certainly more efficient ways to get hold of this valuable data. Digital transformation has brought this sector forward in leaps and bounds.

By using real time, interactive technology, you can speed up the process of gathering feedback and analysing results. For any busy organiser or events management team, this can be a real game changer, increasing convenience both you and your delegates.

What’s Wrong With Surveys?

We’re bombarded with surveys on a daily basis. How many do you actually complete? Do you speed through the last few questions just to get the survey done?

There are two key problems with collecting data in a traditional survey format. First, the answers are only ever going to be as good as the questions, and a skewed question could generate inaccurate results. Second, people get tired of answering surveys, or find there are too many (or too few) choices.

What you really want is a high quality capture method that improves on the old-fashioned survey:

  • You need to capture responses as soon as possible so that you get the freshest information
  • Your attendees need tools to provide feedback in a convenient format, doing away with the cumbersome forms and fuzzy printouts
  • The sample size needs to be big enough to get a meaningful response, so you need as many people to feed back as possible
  • Whatever method you choose, it needs to be interesting, engaging and compelling enough to spark interest among your delegates.

At Simpli-Fi, we’re passionate about using digital solutions to improve live events and enhance attendee experiences. And we believe that using video screens is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the way people leave feedback.

Using Interactive Posters

By deploying video screens around your event hall or conference venue, you can create a stimulating yet unobtrusive environment where feedback is encouraged without hassle.

You’ve probably seen video screens in action in shopping centres, or on billboards. Now, you can use this technology to create a two-way conversation.

An interactive poster is essentially a large touchscreen that offers delegates a way to feed back on their event experience. By following the on-screen prompts, people can leave their feedback while they mill around the room, giving you real-time information and a valuable and relevant source of data.

Each poster can be fully branded, and designed to catch the eye. Each display is linked to a cloud-based control panel, and designated managers within your team can take ownership of their own survey questions.

It certainly beats handing out pens and paper, or trying to decipher rushed, scruffy writing on a form.

Time to Transform

Simpli-Fi can provide complete solutions for any live event, helping you to deliver cutting edge experiences and be more productive and efficient before, during and after. Contact us today and find out what our interactive surveys can offer for your event.