September 28, 2018

No one said it was going to be easy – whichever event you are planning, be it a conference, an exhibition, an awards ceremony, AGM, fashion show or music festival, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Much of the burden is purely down to admin: contacting venues, agents, caterers, exhibitors and suppliers, organising contracts and invoices, running marketing and promotions, matching and meeting schedules – there is lots to do, often resulting in heaps of paperwork.

However with evolving technology being released there are several ways to lighten the load of event planning and free up valuable time. Here are seven examples how.

1. Organise yourself first

Keeping track of bookings, calendars, schedules, to do lists and emails can be one of the biggest stresses involved in event planning. Save yourself the anxiety and get some help. Event planning software will integrate everything into one place, automatically manage to do lists and create alerts when something is really urgent. Best of all, you can even get them as apps on your smartphone, so you stay organised wherever you go.

2. Power up social promotions

Why spend all of that time and effort promoting your event when your delegates, exhibitors and guests will do it for you?  When used applicably, social media can help your event ‘go viral’ without your constant input. And currently there is so much more to it than just creating a Facebook events page many events set up dedicated hashtags, twitter handles and snapchat geofilters for events! Look out for specialist platforms which offer incentives to attendees who sign up and help to promote the event on their own social pages.

3. Combine communications

Need to speak to several guest speakers or exhibitors at once? Instead of saying the same thing on 10 different phone calls, how about invite them all to a conference call on Skype, or hold a Google Hangout with them?

4. Cut costs

The basic principle behind technology is that it allows things to be done more quickly and efficiently, reducing overheads and therefore increasing margins. Why get a person to do something if it can be done automatically? Things like streamlined event planning apps, online communications and social marketing will save money and improve the ultimate ROI for the event.

5. Streamline everything

Want a way to combine registration, communication, event updates and check-in all in one? How about creating an event app? In simple terms, delegates download an event app to their smartphone when they register. Thereon in, you have an all-in-one tool for pushing out messages and updates, issuing marketing materials, promoting online social discussions, and even for running automatic check-in on arrival.

6. Automate data collection

How do you normally collect data about your event? Who tallies everything up, and turns it into an intelligible report? With the right technology, this can all be done for you. Again, take the example of an event app – number of downloads/registrations, number of actual attendees, number of interactions, number of social posts and so on, all can be collected, processed and interpreted automatically when paired with analytics software.

7. Network your event

Technology does not cease to be useful once the planning is all done and dusted. In fact, technology is becoming more and more integral to delivering great experiences at the events themselves too. Don’t forget the essentials which help provide the levels of service your attendees expect.

How we can help

Central to this is providing reliable, robust WiFi connectivity. Without a wireless network, how will those event apps work? How will delegates be able to log in to your social media pages and post fantastic things about your event? Simpli-Fi specialises in providing managed WiFi network services to event planners, so you need not worry about that side of it at all, we can take care of everything for you.

To find out more about our event WiFi services, and more about the latest in-event and event planning technologies, contact us here.