February 5, 2019

There is a huge hype around the launch of 5G and it certainly seems to be topic of choice for the event tech world. 5G is due to come into play next year and the operators are working around the clock to upgrade their infrastructure to be able to deliver this service to clients. Apple is leaning heavily toward Intel’s flavor of 5G for a future iPhone, a source with knowledge tells Fast Company.


This will truly be a big step forward for the mobile user with speeds of up to 200Mbps available in good circumstances and with the potential of average speeds of up to 450Mbps by 2024 this will open up a whole new meaning of the ‘connected world’.  

The next-generation of cellular technology, 5G promises to be life-changing with a massive boost in speed and responsiveness. It’ll power applications like self-driving cars, telemedicine and a new universe of connected devices. You can expect to see 5G smartphones coming out in 2020 so watch this space!

People keep asking what impact will 5G have on the events world and this really depends on whose point of view.  

As someone attending an event, 5G has the potential to make some big differences, from immersive virtual reality to enhanced stadium experiences, see more and experience more so no matter where you sit you’ll still feel close to the trackside, pit stop or goal line by accessing different views in near real-time.
As an event WiFi provider, this probably won’t have any impact on the service we deliver to our clients. It might give us another tool in our bag to use however most of the events we provide connectivity for is because of its event critical and therefore without any guaranteed bandwidth, 5G is no different to 4G. It will be great for the personal mobile user but if the performance is critical then 5G is not an option. You would not want to risk your production such as a live stream, ticketing or payment systems on a mobile network over which you have no control. For less critical event services 5G could certainly be an option.

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