September 28, 2018

Event planners sink or swim based on the quality of the experience they can deliver. This can have a number of facets, from the quality of the service and support visitors get while attending an event, to creating that wow factor which makes an event really stand out from the crowd.

But one thing is constant – event organisers are always looking to create something memorable, a unique experience which will help to boost the profile of the brands involved.

Nowadays, event planners can draw on more resources than ever before to deliver a knockout event. Technology is changing the logistics of how events are organised and run, it is changing the way brands can interact with audiences and, of course, it is helping to deliver stunning experiences which capture the imagination of attendees.

Moreover, technology is revolutionising how organisers can analyse what works and what does not, helping them to deliver more responsive and customer focused events.

However, technology changes quickly and what amazed event goers five years ago soon becomes old hat. If you really want to remain on the cutting edge, you have to be willing to embrace the very latest technological innovations in your event planning.

Here are three of the hottest new trends in event technology that can make all the difference for delivering that unique experience.

Wearable Technology

Wearable tech like smartwatches can be used as extremely versatile tools in the event world. Devices can be used to speed up check-in with automated booking recognition, to collect data on things like how many people attend each session, and to deliver real time information updates to delegates. Combined with Bluetooth beacons, they can also be used as a wayfinding tool to help give visitors directions, and can deliver individual micro marketing messages to individuals when they enter a specific area.


Robots are not only bound to grab attention at your event, they also have lots of handy practical uses. Instead of having staff deployed to welcome guests at sessions or to hand out programmes for example, a robot could be used instead. Robots can also be used to aid remote attendance – anyone who cannot attend can pick up video streamed from robots as they move around the event.

Immersive Tech

Whether it is VR headsets, interactive light displays or digital graffiti walls, there seems no limit to the quality of the immersive branding experiences you can create with technology these days. If you want people to remember an event, high quality multi-sensory experiences are a good way to go, and the technology to deliver is just getting better and better. Aside from being a lot of fun, what is great about these types of technology is that they get people actively involved in an event.

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