September 28, 2018

Event apps are becoming must-have tools in an event planner’s arsenal. From simplifying how information is shared with delegates to providing a dedicated communications platform for people to talk about your event, apps are helping planners to save time and are transforming how they promote their events.

But apps are very flexible things. Essentially self contained mobile web platforms, they can include a huge variety of content and features, offering all the choice you would have when building a normal website. So what do you include, and what do you leave out?

The truth about apps is, people tend to be rather choosy about them. App retention rates are notoriously low, with the majority of users never using an app again after the day they download it.

So if you are going to make your event app ‘stick’, you have got to choose features which grab the attention, not to mention the imagination. Here are three features to opt for to make your event app a success story.

Social Media Integration

There will probably come a point where social media fatigue sets in, and we all get tired of hearing just how crucial it is to everything we do. But for now, social media remains one of the key growth areas in internet use, and especially on mobile – worldwide, there are 1 million new active social media users on mobile every single day. So the message is, people like to use social media on their mobile. If you want to make your event app a success, why not leverage that and allow users to post to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter page etc directly from within your app?

Instant Messaging

The days of the Windows Live and Yahoo! browser-based messaging platforms may have been and gone, but mobile has given IM a new lease of life. With Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp amongst the world’s most downloaded apps, IM is challenging SMS as the preferred method of short form text communication for today’s thumb twiddling chatters. Providing an IM platform within your event app is a great way to encourage networking, allowing attendees to keep in touch with other delegates they know or meet as they go their separate ways around the event.

Live Video Streaming

Live video is taking over the world, or the world of digital communications at least. Skype was a phenomenon, but now that people can livestream from their mobiles, things are really taking off. Just look at the growth of Periscope and Facebook Live. Adding a livestream platform to your event app can provide a real wow factor, but it also taps into people’s preference for instant and, increasingly, visual communication. Alongside social media integration, you have the perfect vehicle for attendees to share their event experience with their communities in real time – great word-of-mouth promotion for you, too.

Simpli-Fi Your Solutions

It is important to remember, if you do invest in an app for your event, you need to provide a fast, reliable wireless network for delegates to use it on. Don’t risk the livestream platform you have invested in not working because no one can get a good 4G connection – set up a high speed WiFi network with enough bandwidth to cater for everyone’s communications needs. Simpli-Fi specialises in providing managed WiFi solutions for events of all types and sizes, so get in touch with us today to discuss your options.